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   2008, Year of the Pig Flying Star Workshop Click to view photos:
Hi Gwen.

It was so nice to meet you and your husband. I am new to learning about Feng Shui and appreciated all that you shared..Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.

Hope you are having a nice day! And thank you again. It was fun to see your office and to get a chance to see how you placed various items.


Hi Mike and Gwen,

Thank you for the picture and the updated handout and the blank Bagua. I learned more from the class last Saturday. Every time I go to your classes I don't just learn from you and Gwen but also meet nice people from different walks of life who also want to improve their lives.

I had more courage to do my house chart with the updated numbers based on a Period 6 home facing west that you gave me last year.

I still have so much to learn but I am glad that you and Gwen are willing to help.

Thanks again, Mike and Gwen. Best wishes,

Dear Gwen & Mike,

I immediately follow one of the points in the report. It makes a lot of difference now when I walk into that room. It comes alive. Before, it was rather stagnant.

And my family had fun discussing what things will be for what element.

Feng Shui become a fun family project. It brings our family together in a way that we did not expect and we enjoy feng shui very much.

I look forward to work with you and Gwen this year and listen to your words of wisdom.

Thank you,
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   Feng Shui Health & Wealth class on 2/3/07  
Hello Gwen & Michael, Thank you very much for informative class. I really enjoyed the simplicity of things being explained. You two work well together. Thanks so much. Blessings to you and your family. (Nancy D)

I learned what I need to go forward. Your class was interesting, knowledgeable& fun. I love you both. (CD)

The class was very helpful. I will come to more advance class next time. Love it. I'll keep coming. (Colleen R)

The food and goodies are nice touch. It is a fun class. (Rose C)

I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot today. I am beginning to understand how the elements work and how to remedy and attack. Thank you very much. (Ann S.)

Very enjoyable and informative. I am looking forward to be in the next class. (Katic T)

I enjoyed the class and especially like the comments on ethical (karmic) issues. (Patricia F)

I enjoyed your class: The intimate structure, the personalized cozy nature. Students' questions important to both Michael and Gwen because you answered them all. I am looking forward to more of your teaching. (Eva Q)

Class was very good considering the different levels of people in it. Time went by very quickly though. (Mark C)
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   What's Up Girard La Jolla  
Thank you very much for helping us with "What's Up Girard". Your talk was enjoyed by everyone who came. Your contribution really made the event a success! One again, Thank you for a great seminar. Take care, Chad.
(Chad Patton, Material Things)

Everyone had a great experience last Saturday. Thank you for the great Feng Shui Seminar.
(Charles Hsein)
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   Bradley T. Wilson, Owner, Aqua Gardens Day Spa  
Since we have painted the door and put in some more plants, the spa has been doing great. We have had 8 walk ins which we never had before. Feng Shui works wonder!
Thanks again,
(Bradley T. Wilson, Owner, Aqua Gardens Day Spa)
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   Bandy Yiu, Chairman of San Diego Moon Festival  
Thank you for very much your generous support to make the first Moon Fest Faire in San Diego a reality. One of the goals of the Faire is to start a family fun event within our Asian community in Kearny Mesa and we successfully accomplished it with your enthusiastic Feng Shui participation. On behalf of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, I am very grateful for having you be a part of our first public celebration of Mid-autumn Festival. We hope to carry on this important heritage and culture by making this an annual event. (Bandy Yiu, Chairman of Moon Fest Faire)
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  Liz Bentley , Account Manager, Home Market Connection
  Chandler, Arizona
Hello Gwen & Mike,
Just to let you know that immediately after I arranged my desk the way you instructed, my business picked up immediately. Thank you. I had no idea that a simple thing could make a big difference.

(Liz Bentley)

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   Feng Shui in the Work Place at Booz Allen Hamilton  
Audrey, a Senior Consultant, and also the Asian Pacific American Forum's co-chair person says: "Thank you for taking the time to present 'The Art of Feng Shui' at Booz Allen Hamilton. The lecture was both insightful and interesting to the audience. The feedback received so far had nothing but praise for the content, humor and examples provided. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this topic which was presented for the first time ever in the company."

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  Testimonies from Students of Flying Star Class
I'M BECOMING ADDICTED TO YOUR COURSES... Things are going so well. The Feng Shui is working so fast! I'm moving to a new apartment next month (the one next door is available now and has one extra room), so I'm excited! Also I have a new job, and I'm going to do much better in the future. I must be doing something right. Thanks! (Thais M)

After practicing what Gwen & Mike taught, I now can turn away difficult customers to avoid headaches and my business has never been better. Money just flows in and I don't have to work so hard! I can only tell you that you can not afford not to have a Feng Shui Consultation done by Gwen & Mike. They changed our lives! (Mark & Rose C)

You and Michael are a wonderful couple. May God bless you for sharing this knowledge with the world. My life improved drastically ever since I applied Feng Shui techniques that you teach. (Susan H)

I feel like I can get started on making some changes in my house after today's class. Thank you. (Erin T)

Michael did a great job teaching today about the flow of energy of the 5 elements and how to use them in all areas. (Ofelia D)

You and your husband generated so much good energy. I feel good energy transfers to me when I am around you both. Thank you. (Sanjuan S)

We really enjoyed attending your class. Thank you. May God always bless you and your family! (Elizabeth G)

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  Gregory M. Taylor, Broker/Owner of 4S-Ranch Realty
  San Diego, California
"Hello Gwen,
This is Greg Taylor from 4S Ranch Realty. You and Michael came to my client's home to do Feng Shui to help us position the home "Feng Shui" correct so that we could sell the home quickly.

Guess what? Within 10 days, we had 3 offers and the property is now in Escrow. I am a Broker/Owner of 4SRanch Realty. Our realty firm specializes in 4SRanch, and in our neighborhood of 4S Ranch, the average time property is in the market is 44 days, and within only 10 days we had a full price offer! Because of Feng Shui, we have strong buyers and my sellers are happy that their home is not sitting vacant since they no longer live there.

I will definitely call you again to help me with Feng Shui in my next listing. I am glad that I kept the business card that you gave when I attended your Feng Shui seminar that was sponsored by the San Diego Board of Realtors."

(Greg Taylor, San Diego, CA.)

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  Anna Mae , Washington, D.C.  
I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing you and Gwen into my life.....

The two e-mails that I received today from you are so wonderful and uplifting. Ryan is a surfer and Water is such an element in his life. Matthew plays the guitar in a band, writing most of their music, and Fire certainly describes his element.

Mike, there is an inner peace that comes over my being when I just read your e-mails that I wish we could share with the world! You have found an eternally devoted friend. Thank you for these wonderful verses which can make all of us better. You are a God-Send!

May God bless you always,
(Anna Mae, Washington, D.C.)

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  Evalie Duncan, First Team Real Estate  
Thank you for your continued help and support. I am looking forward to the next class. I also wanted to thank Mike for his help on the condo I listed and I was having difficulty in selling it. I applied the Feng Shui remedies Mike suggested and after 55 days of sitting with no activity, agents were starting to show it and guess what....I sold it in November (November is the slowest month in Real Estate). The happy buyers are a man and his daughter who also attended the church that was right across from the Condo.
Thank you again.
(Evalie Duncan, First Team Real Estate, Huntington Beach, CA)

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  Meet Influential People by Using Feng Shui
Very motivational and mind opening.
(Lily Jew)

I learned a lot of helpful information that I can definitely use at home for balance & harmony. Thank you, Gwen
(Joy Frondarina)

I gained a further understanding of Feng Shui and this will help me to gain more knowledge.
(Jeri Winsberg)

I realized this better today that Feng Shui is about intentions and Feng Shui offers a way to express them physically and correctly to enhance more luck.
(Isabelle Fernadez)

It is great to learn how to use the Mentor square when applying Feng Shui.
(Charlie Ahern)

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  Tracie Hasse, Heritage Escrow
Gwen, Thank You for putting on an awesome class. Feng Shui is incredibly fascinating. The time you spent with us is greatly appreciated.

Thank You for the absolutely incredible Isabella Fiore. I absolutely love my Isabella Fiore.... and I get compliments daily! I feel so lucky and blessed.
(Tracie Hasse, Heritage Escrow)

(Tracie is a proud winner of the artistic Isabella Fiore’s purse donated by Isabella Fiore for drawing. You can find IF beautiful purses at upscale stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sak Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, etc…)

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  Mary Wittes, Program Director of Edgar Cayce,
  San Diego Area Team Association for Research and Enlightenment
Dear Gwen & Michael,
Your presentation very well received and the audience learned a lot about Feng Shui. Your presentation on “Flying Star Feng Shui” was fascinating! Your insight and delightful style was full of warmth and made for an experiential day. Your professional style was greatly appreciated. On behalf of the San Diego Area Team Association for Research and Enlightenment, Thank you.
(Mary Wittes)

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  Carol Wiley, Director of Education, North County San Diego Board of Realtors
Dear Gwen,
Feedback was positive and many commented they want to learn more! The emails with answers were wonderful! A nice follow-up! Thanks again for everything! You and your husband are very special people!!!
(Carol Wiley)

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  Mark Croshier, owner of Croshier Construction
My husband, Mark is a contractor/owner of Croshier Construction and I am a Realtor with Realty Executives in La Jolla.

After Michael and Gwen came to our home to do a Flying Star Feng Shui, we did what they recommended and now, we have so much business that it is overwhelming. And all we did was remove of “Feng Shui junks”, cleaned the pond and added some fishes.

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  Testimonies of Attendees of Feng Shui Class
  held at North County San Diego Board of Realtors
Thank you, Gwen. Your class opened my eyes.
(Carolyn Graysen, Broker Realty Executives, Carlsbad, CA)

Gwen, I Loved your class! And I get to meet Mike. You guys make a great pair.
(Jeri Winberg, CTX Mortgage)

Gwen, thank you for your guidance.
(Kathleen Powers, Prudential California Realty)

I really enjoyed your seminar on Feng Shui. Please keep me on your email list. Thank you.
(Carole Serling, Realtor Century 21 Sea Coast)

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  Gwen Saved the Deal
(Testimony from Realtor Peggy Feldman-Bonner, Prudential, Point Loma)

We were working with a young couple, soon to be married. He was from the U.K., she from Malaysia. We had looked at 20 to 25 properties before finding the house of their dreams. It was perfect. Completely remodeled and just like new.

Then we received the disclosures and discovered there had been a death in the house 14 months prior to this sale. My clients were devastated. We discovered the person who passed away was an elderly gentleman and had died in his sleep of natural causes.

My clients contacted Gwen Coronado and explained the situation to her. She made arrangements to come to the house and perform a Cleansing and Blessing in the home. It was very interesting. My clients closed escrow on their new home, moved in and absolutely love it. Thanks to Gwen.

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