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Should I Consult a Feng Shui Practitioner?

When you seek Feng Shui practitioners, consider their experience and background.

Remember, Feng Shui practitioners will come to your home, and that person should bring with them the same energy you desire into your environment.  cont...

The Feng Shui measuring tape around Gwen’s shoulders is used to help determine auspicious dimensions for eight different kinds of luck.
The Feng Shui measuring tape around Gwen’s shoulders is used to help determine auspicious dimensions for eight different kinds of luck. The measured results determine whether your desk, business cards, bed, etc… consent to auspicious dimensions for good feng shui luck.

In this photo, Gwen is using the Lopan and the Feng Shui tape measure for accuracy in preparing her Feng Shui proposal for Qualcomm. The purpose of utilizing Feng Shui is to create harmony in the work place, and to help the Executives sit in their right directions to receive the right support from the subordinates.

The Feng Shui practitioners should pass all nine areas of life test, which are: wealth, fame, career, health, family, children, knowledge, etc…which means now that the Feng Shui practitioners are content enough with their life not to worry about income and able to serve their clients more effectively.

When the Pakua nine areas of life is fulfilled by the Feng Shui practitioners, the Feng Shui practitioner’s positive energy transfers to the clients and brings clients positive Feng Shui (ever heard of rubbing elbows with the rich?).

The moment the Feng Shui practitioners enter your home, they will take time to feel the energy, and they will work strictly from the Feng Shui Lopan (Chinese Compass).

Why the Feng Shui compass? Because that’s how Feng Shui is practiced; remember, the Feng Shui compass never makes mistakes, but people do.

Choose your Feng Shui practitioner carefully. Ask, ask, and ask. Remember if Feng Shui can work for you, it also can work against you if you do not know what you are doing.

For additional information, please call (858) 456-9443 or email us at: gwen@FengShuiSanDiego.com

Do It Yourself Feng Shui Analysis (Adobe document)

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Space Clearing Consulting

Space Clearing includes the following:

  1. To clear stagnant energy.
  2. To clear negative energy that left by previous occupants.
  3. To cleanse the space after an illness or death.
  4. To speed recovery in illness.
  5. To enhance harmony & productivity in the work place.
  6. To invite positive energy flowing into your life.
  7. To assist you in making a major change (new job, new home, new relationships).
  8. To manifest the art of Feng Shui placements.
  9. To increase your vitality & relationship.

< Gwen Coronado is speaking about Feng Shui and mental illness at the NAMI convention in Minneapolis.

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Corporate Business and Lectures
Gwen Coronado is a sought after Corporate Motivational Speaker, teaching simple Feng Shui and the art of creating "Harmony in the Workplace." Gwen firmly believes that Feng Shui helps in creating a productive environment since she used to be a Corporate Executive serving as Sr. Vice President with Liberty Foundation and Vice President with Security Consultants, Inc. Gwen will show you how office and desk placement can influence your personal power, career, employees, client relationships, prosperity, and business opportunities. Gwen has been a speaker at the NAMI National Convention Center, a Voice for Mental Illness that has over 220,000 members, and many others.

Feng Shui for Business
Gwen Coronado & her associates are available to provide Feng Shui Consultations for Corporations, Offices and Businesses. Gwen also can provide "paradigm shift" Business Consulting to Senior Management and Business Owners. Gwen believes that Feng Shui can help businesses to remove obstacles & resistance so that the business can move forward more efficiently.

< Gwen Coronado is speaking at the San Diego Board of Realtors.

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