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Gwen Coronado, founder of Feng Shui San Diego.Com, was influenced by Chinese Feng Shui at an early age. As a Feng Shui Master, she enjoys using her knowledge of ancient Feng Shui to help sellers sell their homes quickly, and buyers to find their dream homes that meet their needs and budget, with correct Feng Shui harmony for prosperity.

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Gwen Coronado, also founder of Coronado Real Estate and Financial Investments in San Diego since 1987, began an early career as a Corporate Sr. Vice President with Liberty Foundation.

Gwen was born and raised in the Asia where bargaining is second nature to her, which helps her negotiate the best terms for her clients. Her combined experience provides her with skills to analyze and write real estate contracts to the best advantage for her clients.

Gwen is a contributing writer of Real Estate and Feng Shui for the Asia Journal of Cultural & Commerce and a teacher at various Board of Realtors locations.

She credits her success and her happiness through hard work (man luck), heavenly luck (fate), and Feng Shui luck (harmony and balance).

For any Real Estate & Feng Shui enquiries in San Diego as well as anywhere in the United States, please call Gwen at 858-456-9443 or email her at gwen@fengshuisandiego.com

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