Winds of Satan and Feng Shui

In California, we always hear of the Santa Ana winds. What is the Santa Ana? How did it get its name? What does it have to do with feng shui?

The original spelling of the name of the winds is still a mystery, unclear, not to mention the origin but can be traced to Spanish California, when the winds were called “devil winds” due to their heat.

Santa Ana winds can range from hot to cold, depending on the prevailing temperatures in the source regions; however, the winds are remembered most for the hot dry weather that they bring in the fall.


Michael spoke at SANDAG about feng shui energy in the work place.
Michael spoke at SANDAG about feng shui energy in the work place.
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learn about the community you want to move into.

Autumn which begins September 22 may mask the end of hot summer days in California, but not without the uncertainty of the notorious Santa Ana winds that begin to circulate in the cruelest month of October.

In feng shui, we call them seasonal phases, changing over time, bringing various types of chi energy. These dry winds, hot or cold, can bring extremely high visibility, high cloudiness, or hazy, smoggy film including fog, and occasional rain.

Things just seem to go wrong in this seasonal window – also termed “vientos de Satan” (winds of Satan). The uncanny winds cause noses and eyes to itch, and brings a sense of depression, unease, and tension. Marriage problems intensify, accidents increase, suicides rise and crime rates soar, not to mention the historical impact of wildfires.

What are these winds that have been called “evil wind, poisoning wind, witches wind, and wind sickness” throughout our globe? What strange phenomena in them can cause such misery and unhappiness?

This chi energy carries with it electrical charges in the air; particles that ride on the air currents that somehow influence our human cells, which in themselves, contain and are governed by tiny electrical charges. Nature produces ions that seem to influence moods, and our health, like someone’s bones aching before a rain. The ion concentration is higher in summer than winter, higher in day than night, higher when the weather is clear than cloudy and higher during full moon.

How ions affect us is not clear, but we do know they affect our brain waves according to Professor Felix Gad Sulman, head of Hebrew University’s Department of applied Pharmacology in Jerusalem. Without going into all the scientific detailed workings of all this, it has been discovered that the effects pertain to blood pressure, nerve impulses, moods, hyperactivity, tiredness, anxiety and depression. This is the negative effect of positive ions.

When all this “wind fever” passes, things abruptly return to normal because the ions, which are atoms, becomes balanced with positive and negatives charges.

These ions are produced naturally from the 5 elements; fire, earth, metal, water and wood, and now you know why we say feng shui is science and nature working together, which leads us to the subject of feng shui and a healthy home.

We now understand that ions in the air have a profound effect on human beings. A homeowner, by deciding where to live, knowing what materials make up the house construction, and what furnishings and accessories to place in it, can make a significant difference to bring balance and harmony into their living space.

Think of this as balancing the yin and yang of electrical charges in the air. Like charges repel, and opposites attract. The key is to neutralize the electrostatic potential in your living space and be keenly aware of the mental, emotional, and physical weather within your home.

One cannot control the weather and its effects, but we can minimize its effects while indoors by controlling and reducing clutter. Practicing feng shui is fruitless until one confronts clutter. One reason is that clutter accumulates dust and minute debris; furthermore, depleting the needed negative ions in the air because they attach themselves to the particles of dust and lose their charge which apparently then have little effect on our bodies. These negative ions are lost to simple features such as clutter, fans, ducts and filters of air-conditioning. Ever had a feeling or need to open a window? This explains why people working all day in sky-scrapers come home exhausted or depressed.

Every day we have matters that hinge upon cooperation and agreement. If you find yourself encountering quarrels at the breakfast table, unruly children, sleepless nights or short tempers at the office, you have choices; wait for crystal-clear days, head for the mountains or perhaps it’s time for a feng shui tune-up. And of course, our real estate clients receive life time feng shui consultations from us, free of charge. Call or email us anytime. We are looking forward to have you as clients … Blessings from all of us at Real Estate Feng Shui ….

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