What do Doctors, Attorneys &
Feng Shui Practitioners Have In Common?

Well, they are constantly being approached by inquiring minds asking questions, and expecting to receive free advice. It never fails at any pleasant social gathering, or when social networking, like Facebook.

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Gwen Coronado and Le Ly Hayslip, founder of Charitable Foundations: East Meets West  & Global Village, also an author of "Heaven & Earth", directed by Oliver Stone
Gwen Coronado and Le Ly Hayslip, Founder of
Charitable Foundations: East Meets West & Global Village,
also an author of "Heaven & Earth", directed by Oliver Stone.

Do not ask for free advice if there is no need for it.

I’ll explain why, as we examine a rule of yin and yang relating to reciprocation of give and take.

Nothing in the universe is really free. Including the air we breathe.

We all enjoy freebies. Something about those four letters (f-r-e-e) that brings music to our ears, including me. We all love to receive free stuff, and we do, without thinking of the results that may follow.

As a feng shui practitioner, many times when I attend parties, I am asked questions about home directions for good luck, best colors, water fountain placement, etc., and I kindly inform curious minds that I am there to enjoy the party too because my working mind is off.

The reason I refuse to entertain these questions is because I know it breaks universal laws of give and take. Every time a person receives or takes something for free, the scale of give and take remains unbalanced, which may bring harm to the person asking for advice.

When you get something for nothing, the scale of give and take is tilted out of balance, then, a person eventually will get nothing, or will eventually lose something to rebalance the equation.

When this event occurs, it happens because the person forgot to compensate the giver to balance the scale of give and take; therefore, the universe will balance the account to restore it, immediately or later, when you least expect it.

In life, there must always be a healthy exchange for everything we do. It is clearly a yin and yang process of give and take; a greeting for greeting, a smile for a smile, kindness for kindness, and most importantly, payment for time, skill, or labor.

I value positive results, and good blessings, so I choose to keep yours and my scales balanced in everyone’s favor, and I do not want to be responsible for anyone’s inequities.

I do enjoy meeting people very much and I want everyone to prosper. So it is best that if you seek feng shui advice, and if you can afford it, do compensate the practitioner for a healthy exchange of energy.

If you are unable to pay, there are other forms of giving back, directly or indirectly to charity, because it is our duty to give in order to receive good blessings.

In Asia, it is customary; no one would ever think of asking for feng shui advice without compensating the practitioner for insight, time, and good energy.

This whole issue is not about dollars and cents. It is clearly a matter of exchanging energy, and whatever we give in exchange, is really stored energy. Energy cannot be held back, or manipulated. It must be free-flowing to thrive.

Feng Shui has grown more modern as a profession, and is becoming more like any other service industry, and a person should approach the business of getting a Feng Shui consultation in the same way you would approach any other professional services like finding a doctor, an attorney, or an accountant.

It is also very important look into the Feng Shui practitioner’s background. A poor person cannot teach you to be rich, and an unhappy person cannot teach you be happy.

I like you, and I want you to prosper but my feng shui service and consultation comes with a fee, and I need to get paid. If you cannot afford to pay, and you are in need of a feng shui consultation, contact me anyway.

Perhaps I can give you free advice; and you in return, you can do volunteer work, or write a check (I do not need to know the amount) to my charity.

Yin and Yang! Debit and Credit! That will balance out your karma and mine!

When everything is in balance, all of us shall be happy and prosper.

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