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Technology For Feng Shui Relationships

How far can one extend the principle of feng shui for relationships? Relationships encompass all facets of our lives without boundaries; personal and business. It is a connection, a fact of being a related condition, as in my relationship to family, my clients, or ASIA.

As in any relationship there must be connection, a form of communication, such as your eyes, ears, voice, touch, letters, emails, and second to none, the cell phone.


High Tech Meets High Touch
High Tech Meets High Touch

Ah yes! The cell phone, hand held, dressed with accessories and trinkets, and with all the bells and whistles that one can afford.

Today the cell phone has become almost everyone's buddy. It has captured the undivided attention of those who sit, walk, stand and drive. People's eyes, ears, and lips are glued daily to this technical marvel.

We have journeyed from wired wind-ups phones, dial-ups, and push-buttons, to wireless touch-tone phones. From desk phones, cell phones, Palm Treos, Blackberrys, to Smartphones like the iPhone.

These are gadgets that deliver everything you need, in one everywhere you go mobile phone, with email, an organizer, text messaging, and a wide screen iPod with a touch screen, and web access.

Can there be more? Will our relationship to this techno-buddy develop to a point where we cannot live without each other?

Follow along with me as we journey into the land of those that have introduced us to many high quality products in the past; Japan.

We are probably about three years behind Japan in wireless technology. Cell phones in Japan come with built-in-digital cameras that average three megapixels, and five-megapixel camera phones are common there. This means better photos.

Many of these phones come with high quality optical zoom, and anti-shake technology to stabilize the camera for that perfect shot. Most of their phones come equipped with two digital cameras, one in the back and one on the front of the phone. This is for security to ensure the rightful owner can use it.

The camera in front of the phone authenticates the owner's face before the phone becomes useable. If you were to lose this type of phone, you could go home and access your phone through the internet to disable it completely.

These phones have become wallets, besides email devices or web browsers. They are used to purchase items electronically on the spot and the charge is added to the phone bill.

Do you like to shop? These phones can be swiped in front of a scanner to select cash or credit and off you go.

Is there more? These phones have the ability to open garage doors and can start the owner's car. Electronic phone access to homes and automobiles are next. New cars will come equipped with standard cell phones to open your garage door, start your car and off you go while you talk to so and so or listen to your messages.

Eventually this will eliminate taking your wallet, your keys and your mobile phone in the morning, to work or play, as you'll be eliminating the wallet and your keys.

Japan has mobile phones today that have infrared capabilities built in to double as all-in-one remote control for running audio receivers, television, and a DVD player from the couch. You will be able to log on to your home device to program your favorite show for recording right from your office work space.

Our present relationship with our mobile phones will develop into a more passionate relationship thanks to technology and we won't leave home without our cell, to reach out and touch someone. The principle of feng shui for relationships has not changed; it has simply extended far beyond boundaries we create for ourselves.

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