The New "Modern Day George Washington":
General Antonio Taguba and his Feng Shui Destiny

On Saturday, July 25, 2009, my husband and I were honored to have attended the Sixth Annual Asian Heritage Awards held at the USS Midway in San Diego. The historic event included a formal dinner and gala titled “Legends and Legacy.” The Asian Heritage Awards honored achievements in 15 categories among the Asian Pacific Islander community, and for the first time included military achievement.

At this event, retired Major General Antonio Taguba was highly recognized and awarded for his honorable, military service, nobility, and courage. General Taguba possesses an impressive resume of distinguished military achievements.


General & Mrs. Antonio Taguba, Gwen & Michael Coronado, Dr. Bruce Johnson, Asia Editor Leonard Novarro, Judge Lilian Lim, and Asian Heritage Award nominee, Buu Van
General & Mrs. Antonio Taguba, Gwen & Michael Coronado,
Dr. Bruce Johnson, Asia Editor Leonard Novarro, Judge Lilian Lim,
and Asian Heritage Award nominee, Buu Van

My husband and I were asked to be members of the welcome committee, and while I was talking to Vietnews publishers & editors, I was expecting a grand entrance of General Taguba with bells, whistles, and a saluting request to come aboard. I was quite surprised to meet a mild mannered, low profile, humble General; not in the image of ‘Rambo’ nor ‘The Terminator.’

Having met General Taguba and his lovely wife, Debbie, I was overwhelmed by my curiosity, and decided to put on my feng shui hat determined to understand the civilian personality of this military icon. After all, he was a civilian prior to his 34 year career in the United States Army. I wanted to understand the attributes and characteristics that brought about this modern day George Washington.

Entitled to an opinion, I believe his greatest strength is ‘honesty’ and from a feng shui perspective, he walks with balanced energy of ying and yang. He has a warrior-like mentality, and can also be sweet and gentle. In personal relationships he is caring and protective.

The key to his power is concentration, quality rather than quantity is central to his work ethic but don’t be fooled by his impression of passivity. When he believes in an ideal or a person, he gives his all.

Was he the right man for the job before he retired? He was the best! As a meticulous observer and executor of detail, with laser-like focus and intensity he can cut through obstructions that come his way. He enjoys the challenge of great odds and is capable of exercising restraint with the ability to handle any surprising or dangerous situation that arises. He loves “detective work” and often takes an interest in criminality and daring exploits. Calculated risks attract him but he is by no means a daredevil. Not overly aggressive, he only attacks when provoked. He is capable of suffering privation such as lack of food, drink, sleep and bearing pain. It seems he possessed the mark of a general before he joined the military and actually became one. Surprisingly, meeting him, one would never know about his underlying strengths.

What does it takes to be considered a hero? According to many, a hero is a person who is remembered and honored for his courageous life and deeds. A person distinguished for valor, fortitude or bold enterprise or anyone regarded as having displayed great courage or exceptionally noble qualities. Although, most of the heroes we know were leaders during times of wars, leaders who fought for independence (like George Washington, etc.) but there is heroes who haven’t actually engaged in battles (like Mahatma Gandhi, etc.), leaders who succeeded but if they failed fighting for their ideals and people they would had been declared bandits not heroes. Who is your modern day hero? On a feng shui perspective, who is your mentor?

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