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March 20th is a date recognized in Feng Shui as symbolic of changing seasons. We welcome Spring as a time of growth and renewal where the sun crosses directly over the earth's equator, and that moment is known as the equinox when day and night are about equal in length all over the world. Cont...

Water features and pets promote good Feng Shui.
Water features and pets promote good Feng Shui.

This year, the spring real estate market is sending mixed messages. Inventories of unsold listings are up and sales are sagging in most areas. The inventory of unsold homes on the market is at the highest level in seven years according to the National Association of Realtors.

Looks like a tough time for sellers, yet price inflation seems to be moving along and some of the price gains are stunningly high. Rising inventories, and slower sales, how can this be going on at the same time? Where are the price reductions?

There are reasons for the seasons in real estate. Like the wave in the ocean, it goes up and it goes down. There is a cycle and a wise person knows when to ride the wave accordingly.

To have a home sell quickly during this slow season, home sellers will have to adjust their expectations and sell at more competitive prices. Past appreciation is not a guide to pricing real estate this Spring. A seller cannot expect to price their home at last year's summer prices.

On the other hand, buyers should not expect to negotiate prices that are far below the 2005 levels. Buyers should approach sellers with a balanced strategy. The yin and the yang of a contract results in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

If you're a seller, the best ways to improve Feng Shui in your home includes removing clutter, rearranging furniture, adding or removing decorative features and the use of "cures" such as plants, water, wind chimes, color and crystals.

Furniture should be arranged so prospective buyers can walk about without bumping into anything, which may give the impression the home is too small.

The front entrance is where Chi enters your home. It should be well-defined, clear of clutter, bright and open.

The living room is the heart of family life where you kick-back, relax and enjoy. The energy flow of this all-important room is essential for good Feng Shui. The living room should be clutter free and not over-furnished.

The kitchen should encourage the flow of prosperity and it's important to create a balanced environment between the elements of Fire (stove) and Water (sink). This is where the chef imparts energy into the food to provide health.

In the dining room, place portraits of food or a large mirror in your dining area to promote abundance.

In the bedroom, be creative, and provide a well balanced cycle of the elements providing an invitation of rest, recuperation and intimacy.

Indoor plants with spiky leaves generate "poison arrows." Choose round leafed varieties instead. Plants are cures for generating good energy. Email me at gwen@fengshuisandiego.com for information on best indoor plants to use.

If you have long corridors or cramped spaces in your home, paint them white and keep them well lit to ensure your Chi flows freely.

Have adequate natural lighting, as well as artificial lighting. You can enhance light further with mirrors to boost the energy in the home, increase opportunities and broaden possibilities.

Mirrors are referred to as the aspirin of Feng Shui. They can correct many problems, but they must be used properly. When placed badly, mirrors can cause problems, especially in the bedroom.

Carpets should blend with all the elements of the room, but the ruling element should help you choose the color and pattern. A rug can activate healthy energy flow into and through your living space by highlighting specific parts of a room.

Use colors to create balance. Every color has a unique vibration frequency and the five elements are each represented by color, as shown on the Bagua. For example, if you want to relax, green is associated with the element wood and life aspiration for health and family. It is the most soothing color and a great choice for bedrooms. If you have white walls you can balance out your colors with rugs, pictures, chairs, etc. Avoid too much of any one color.

As long as interest rates remain near the 6 percent range, home prices are not going to change much. If you are seller, bring more Yin (calm) into your contract by lowering your expectations, and if you are a buyer, put Yang (excitement) into your offer by bargaining fairly.

We will talk more about Yin Yang Real Estate Feng Shui & Feng Shui Cures in our Feng Shui Class on June 17, 2006 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Email us at mike@FengShuiSanDiego.Com for more details.

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