Spring Feng Shui and Red Color

STOP! Before You Decide to Paint Your Door Red!

What are you planning to do this year? We have entered the New Year, and spring is here, why not begin with feng shui?

After all, everything begins at home, and this is a very good time to put everything into alignment.


“Traditional Feng Shui has been in practice over 6000 years, and has been used by

“Traditional Feng Shui has been in practice over 6000 years, and has been used by
Emperors, and Kings, to maximize their wealth, health and happiness by using the
Lopan (Chinese Compass),” Gwen Coronado explained to one of her class attendees.

Every year, energy shifts in each area of our homes that aligns with the Feng Shui Bagua, and compass locations. This visiting energy shifts throughout our homes and offices, influencing the permanent energy of our living and working space. That is why one year can be better or worse than another in the same home or office.

Knowing where the visiting energy shifts and how it affects the permanent energy of your home is very important.

The worst energy can circulate and visit one location for that year, such as our front door, creating problems in health, wealth, career, relationships, and family.

Yes, we can map the best energy too; however, knowing where the worst energy is located will help minimize the bad, and enhance the good to balance stability for that year.

Once you feng shui your home or office, annual Feng Shui Tune-Ups are recommended to maintain the balance you desire allowing for good health, wealth, relationships, and good opportunities to flow into your home and office.

Today, many home residents use the garage as an entry into their home without considering what energy has circulated in the location of the garage.

The same consideration should be given to the garage as the front door entry.

Could there be bad energy in both locations? Absolutely!

There is no need to climb in and out of windows because steps can be taken to weaken or restore the energy using feng shui principles to correct matters.

That is why painting your front door RED is not always a good decision until you map out the permanent energy of your home, along with the visiting energies, to determine their compatibility.

Painting doors with fire colors such as red, purple or burgundy may work against you graduating minor problems into major issues.

As a Feng Shui Practitioner, the combined tools I use during a consultation allow me to arrive at a comprehensive detailed conclusion giving you accuracy and exactness based on you, your home, its permanent energy, and the visiting energy.

Traditional Feng Shui has been in practice over 6000 years, and has been used by Emperors, and Kings, to maximize their wealth, health and happiness.

Most feng shui fixes are simple and can be applied immediately. Many times it is the small details that are overlooked. That is why a second pair of eyes can be most effective.

The Universe is blind; if our home’s energy says “Welcome,” then good energy of the universe and the abundance of good luck shall enter.

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