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Did you know that when good energy of a building flows, in addition to its flow of electricity and water, we all benefit from better balance in our lives?

Successful productivity studies have determined that people are happier, work better, and feel better in an environment conducive to good energy; and that is good feng shui.

Feng shui, which translates into "wind and water", is an art of science and nature working together and it seeks to enhance the flow of positive energy, known as "chi," among people and their environment.


Gwen Coronado, Senator & Mrs. LeLand Yee, and Dr. Bruce Johnson, President of AHAC (a recipient of Asian Heritage Awards) at the Hyatt Hotel, San Diego May 10, 2008.
Gwen Coronado, Senator & Mrs. LeLand Yee, & Dr. Bruce Johnson,
President of AHAC (a recipient of Asian Heritage Awards)
at the Hyatt Hotel, San Diego May 10, 2008.

Each object, shape, element and color has an energy pattern that can be either nurturing or harmful, according to feng shui practitioners, and a building can be analyzed for its chi flow, a process that can be likened to a mathematical equation using compass directions, colors and basic elements, such as fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

At the time when the subject of feng shui was new to this nation, California State Senator Leland Yee, while an Assemblyman, had approached city planners to consider a proposal for the California Building Standards Commission to adopt standards that would rely on feng shui to create a state of harmony in their buildings throughout the entire city of San Francisco.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, a large state union, had supported Yee's proposal, because research had shown that state workers were more productive in feng shui environments, according to Adam Keigwin, press secretary for Yee. He said: "Feng shui makes us happier, healthier, and more productive."

Voters in the Bay Area, which is rife with feng shui projects and professionals, had nixed a proposed Sausalito Police and Fire Department station in part because some residents claimed the structure would destroy the city's feng shui. They felt that the location was wrong and they would have corrupted the city.

Also, an airport expansion project in San Francisco met with criticism for its feng shui. From a feng shui perspective, the runway expansion design plans would have brought bad luck and danger. It would have disturbed the nearby tidal flow, disrupting the element of water, and water represents wealth.

Senator Leland Yee, also a Doctor of Psychology, knows that the energy and the structure of a building can affect a person's mood which can influence a person's behavior, which in turn, can determine the success of a person's personal and professional relationships.

Senator Yee also understands that the effects of feng shui come in many different forms. He advocated that when feng shui principles are correctly applied to architecture, the end results are a sense of completion, symmetry, balance, proportion, and rhythm allowing creativity to flourish bringing security and wealth to communities.

After all, if big companies such as Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, PF Chang's China Bistro, British Airways, Wall Street Journal, Chase Manhattan, Paine Webber, Starbucks, Shell Oil, and most recently, McDonald, have caught on to the idea of feng shui design principles, who are we to argue whether feng shui will benefit us or not? In fact, Donald Trump himself states that his wealth has been the result of feng shui.

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