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Recently, I was interviewed by Christine Haughney, a real estate reporter with the New York Times, and I would like share her interview:

Q: I am writing an article about how in a troubled real estate market, more sellers are resorting to all types of things to sell their homes: St. Joseph statues, psychics, religion, feng shui etc. What is your opinion?

A: In San Diego, the real estate market is heading south, however, homes under $400K still attract multiple offers from buyers providing the price is right.

During this difficult time, sellers are desperate in searching for "miracles", which means when the sellers contact us, they do not want to hear how feng shui principles work to create harmony and balance, enhance good luck and minimize bad luck, or that it takes time to see good results. Most of the sellers want a feng shui miracle, which unfortunately cannot be, but when the sellers are willing to take time to methodically apply feng shui principles, their homes can sell quicker at a better price than otherwise


Rubbing elbows with good energy creates more good energy! Gwen Coronado and Mary Buffett (Mr. Warren Buffett's daughter in law) at the San Diego County Tax Assessor's real estate investments event.
Rubbing elbows with good energy creates more good energy!
Gwen Coronado and Mary Buffett (Mr. Warren Buffett's daughter in law)
at the San Diego County Tax Assessor's real estate investments event.

Q: I am wondering whether in San Diego you are seeing that more buyers are consulting you seeking help from feng shui?

A: Yes, feng shui serves an important position during this market down turn. Buyers are asking to have their new homes space cleared (blessing the house to remove negative energy, resulting from a notice of default, foreclosure, etc...), and thereafter, to feng shui their homes to attract good luck. On the other hand, sellers are asking to feng shui their homes to attract qualified buyers.

Q: Has your business changed since the boom years when sellers didn't need as much help to sell their homes?

A: Yes, during the "hot" real estate market, any person could be a real estate agent to buy and sell homes with little expertise, and there was no need for negotiation skills because the homes sell themselves due to the power of emotion.

Now, with the change in real estate market, my business has improved quite a bit because sellers are aware that they need experts, and they are willing to pay for it.

Q: Is this something you can quantify?

A: Real estate is a long term investment, and one should buy and hold but when buyers want to "flip" properties for overnight profit it creates imbalance hurting everyone else involved. Today there are plenty of homes for sale, at lower prices, and this is a good time for first time home buyers to step into the market allowing current home owners to step up which will start the upswing cycle all over again.

When applying feng shui, it is a win win situation; no one is suppose to lose because feng shui creates the balance from the natural yin and yang cycles of the universe allowing all to benefit creating opportunity for everyone involved.

Q: Are you seeing 30 percent more business etc?

A: Yes, thank you for asking. Being a real estate broker for nearly 30 years, I have seen three up and down market cycles. As a feng shui master, I help my clients to sort things out more objectively. My business has increased nearly 100% since most of part time real estate agents are no longer in the business, and clients are now more aware that an experienced real estate broker will help them to weather the rough storm. In addition, I offer life time feng shui consultations free of charge to my Real Estate clients, which helps them to apply feng shui principles to benefit wealth, health, and relationships.

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