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  Gwen Coronado, Real Estate Broker    


Gwen can show you any homes that are offered for sale, by any Real Estate company, within San Diego County, from Chula Vista to Oceanside.

Gwen values your desire for privacy. There is no need to register in her website to view properties.

Once you see any homes you like, you can call Gwen 858 456 9443
or email her at Gwen@GwenCoronado.Com to see the property.

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As a Marketing Graduate, Gwen Coronado began an early business career developing her visionary and leadership skills. She successfully achieved a position as a Corporate Sr. Vice President with Liberty Foundation and had her own Real Estate Brokerage firm for 25 years.

Today, Gwen is a Broker Associate with Coronado Financial, one of the most successful firms in town, and can give you access to homes available anywhere in the United States, and Global.

Gwen was born and raised in Asia where bargaining became second nature to her. Her combined experience, nearly 30 years experience in Real Estate, Management and Sales, provides her with skills to analyze and write real estate contracts which help her negotiate the best terms and price for her clients in today’s market.

Gwen was also influenced by Chinese Feng Shui at an early age, and enjoys using her knowledge of ancient Feng Shui to help sellers sell their homes quickly, and buyers to find their dream homes that meet their needs and budget, with correct Feng Shui harmony for prosperity. Gwen is a practicing Feng Shui Master, and founder of

With the kind of know-how that comes from successfully selling real estate, combined with her insight into the La Jolla and San Diego communities, Gwen has handled the most complicated real estate transactions making her a local expert at putting together smooth, harmony transactions, and everyone involved in a win-win experience.


Gwen is personally committed to our unique community, La Jolla, and is very active in numerous local community groups regularly volunteering her time.

She is a Feng Shui speaker at annual events such as “What’s up Girard.”

Gwen has written articles for the La Jolla Light & is a contributing writer of Real Estate and Feng Shui for the Asia Journal of Culture & Commerce, and a guest speaker at various Board of Realtors locations.

Gwen is also a featured speaker at featuring Real Estate and Feng Shui topics.

Gwen is an active speaker and volunteers her time at nonprofit organizations crusading support for mental illness: NAMI, SDCPHA, etc.

Gwen credits her success and her happiness through hard work (man luck), heavenly luck (fate), and Feng Shui luck (harmony and balance).

Gwen and her husband of 35 years have resided in La Jolla over a quarter of a century and are usually seen walking their Pekingese to the La Jolla Beach and the Village daily.


To do an even better job for her clients and to stay ahead in a very competitive field, Gwen continues to attend real estate seminars and classes; National and Global Real Estate.

Hard Work:

Gwen works full-time. Clients can always be reached via phone, or emails. Phone calls and emails are answered in a few hours or within the same day.


Gwen lives and breathes Real Estate. Real Estate is not her whole life but it makes her whole. Gwen is a REALTOR with an enthusiastic and positive attitude. Her slogan: “Attitude makes a difference”).

Gwen loves what she does... and it shows!


"People trust me with their single most valuable asset. It's a responsibility I take very seriously. I give 110% because I know that their success is my success." And being a Feng Shui master, Gwen believes strongly in karma: What you plant, you receive, and what goes around comes around. Gwen treats people exactly the way she herself wants to be treated.

Results : With nearly 30 years in Real Estate, Gwen’s clients amass to thousands and most of them are her friends. Gwen is a strong believer in telling the truth, even if she will lose clients. During the subprime loan window, NONE of her clients were affected because Gwen advised her clients never to follow the crowd, and always “Invest slowly, but surely.”

Call Gwen Coronado today, 858 456 9443, or send an email to her at Gwen@FengShuiSanDiego.Com Stop by her office to say hello and let’s take a walk to the nearby Star buck for a cup of coffee and chat!

All of Gwen Coronado clients receive FREE Feng Shui consultations for life.

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