Quick Fix Feng Shui.  
  1. Clutter: remove 9 unwanted items daily. Do it consistently for 90 days. When you feel better, lighter, increase to 18, then after 90 days, repeat with 27, and so on until there is no clutter left, then go back to basics; 9 unwanted items daily.
  2. Business Slow: get a bell, go around the premises privately, and ring it loudly to invite patrons.
  3. Career Advancement: light up candles in Fame direction, if you sit at your desk, it is the forward end in the middle. Before you light the candles, make a silent wish, then light up. Must not leave candles unattended.
  4. Negative Energy: burn sage, walk around and say a prayer to Jesus, to Buddha, to Kuan Yin, etc… depending on your religion, asking for guidance and removal of all negative energy. Be careful when handling the sage for it will burn!
  5. Nothing Seems to Move Forward: be a giver. When things seem to be stagnant, reexamine yourself. Perhaps time to give of yourself: Either volunteer charity work or donate money/unwanted items to charity. Lets everything flow.
  6. Support: hang a mountain photo behind your desk for support. Nothing is stronger than the mountain that stands behind you.
  7. Need Protection: hang feathers that you find near the front door.
  8. Need Excitement: carry a big red purse, or for a man, carry a red wallet.
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