Questions and Answers at Edgar Cayce Class

Q: My door opens directly to the stairs. How can I prevent the chi from getting out the door?

A: You can hang a crystal lamp, or put a plant by the door to slow down the energy.

Mary Wittes from Edgar Cayce and Michael Coronado are greeting guests for the presentation on Flying Star Feng Shui at Community Center, La Jolla.

Mary Wittes from Edgar Cayce and Michael Coronado are greeting guests for the presentation on Flying Star Feng Shui at Community Center, La Jolla.

Q: I have heard that various Feng Shui teachers teach various techniques. They don't teach the same thing. How do I know which one is correct?

A: There are so many ways to practice Feng Shui.

The most popular one is applying the Pakua, also called nine areas of life. This method is simplified to help Westerners to understand Feng Shui easier. I find this method is a great help for me to do goal planning.

The oldest, most traditional way to apply Feng Shui is using the 'Lopan' (Chinese Compass). When you are using the Chinese Compass, you do not have to worry about missing sections, etc…

The most difficult Feng Shui method is Flying Star Feng Shui. It applies lots and lots of numbers that represent different forms of energy (just like going back to school to learn geometry and algebra). Flying Stars in my opinion is the most accurate method. It has proven to work wonders in my personal and my business life.

Prior to hiring a Feng Shui Practitioner, ask questions until you feel comfortable.

Q: Can you use the crystals from your old home to the new home?

A: Of course you can. Prior to bringing the crystals into your new home, clean the crystals first. Ideally, clean the crystals with rain water (which I collect seasonally), but spring bottled water would be ok. I usually clean the crystals once a month.

Q: I live near two churches and the school ground is behind my home. I was told that is not good. Why?

A: According to "common sense", people go for many reasons, and bring with them all forms of thoughts, and past deeds which are forms of energy now collecting in one place. Also, the churches are so holy that the demons would not dare to enter. So, when you live near the churches, since the demons can not enter the churches, where would you think they visit? According to Feng Shui, churches and schools have too much energy to create harmony in surrounding residential homes. Depending where your home is located, you can place fountains, trees, and paint your home according to you and your husband's birthday to reduce the effect of too much yang energy.

Q: My home is on a T-shape intersection. What can I do?

A: I have to physically be at your home to see where your front door is located. In the mean time, you can put the wind chimes at the front door to offset any unwanted negative energy.

Q: Which colors, and rooms, does one use for increasing money and preventing too much money outflow?

A: We have to analyze your birthday for best directions and best colors.

Q: Is it important for marital relationships which direction the master bedroom is facing?

A: In the master bedroom, the direction is based on the husband's birthday. Yes. It is extremely important to sleep in the right direction to ensure good relationship and fertility.

Q: Does music play any role in Feng Shui?

A: Yes, the yang sound energy comes alive and energizes the surrounding chi with good, clean, inspirational music.

Q: What colors promote health in a home?

A: We need to know your birthday to determine the best color for you.

Q: I have three rooms where their doors are all in line with the front and back doors. I wish to put a small screen in the front living room. Is there anything which should be depicted on this screen to enhance the Feng Shui?

A: If you are putting another screen door, you are adding another door, so now, instead of 3 doors, you now have 4 doors in line. When doors line up together, chi (energy) moves too fast, you need to slow the chi down by placing crystals, or wind chimes, or the bottle gourd above the doors. If the doors are wide enough, you can place a plant to slow down the energy. Close the doors each time when you are in or out.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 22nd 2004: from 9:30 am to 11:00 am, North San Diego County Association of Realtors (NSDCAR) is sponsoring another Feng Shui class.

Pre-registration attendees will receive a free Feng Shui book with real case study and a guide to "do it yourself Feng Shui and Space Clearing". Please call us at 858-456-9443 or email for registration forms.

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