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The following questions were asked during the Feng Shui class at North County San Diego Board of Realtors (NSDAR) in Vista, California in July, 2004:  cont...

San Diego Realtors listen attentively during the slide show of Chairman Mao's "Feng Shui" home and how Feng Shui helped Mao Tse Tung win battles.

San Diego Realtors listen attentively during the slide show of Chairman Mao's "Feng Shui" home and how Feng Shui helped Mao Tse Tung win battles.

Q: My home office desk faces the wall. Is it ok? A: The wall represents obstacles. You should never face the wall. Rearrange your desk immediately!

: Which is more important if only one can be corrected. Examples: desk for my workspace, facing direction or directions in rooms?

A: The purpose of Feng Shui suppose is to bring harmony and balance to all areas of your life. We can not do one without the other. All areas are equally important. However, if you feel your wealth is most important; focus on your workspace.

Q: My desk has an attached hutch. Now the desk faces the wall. The back wall is the other side of the room. How can I position this correctly?

A: Mail me photo of your desk. How far is the back wall? Where is the door? Use my Feng Shui book cover Pakua to start your journey. Begin with your desk top.

Q: If your office has a window at your back, what can you do to fix that lack of strength? Re-arranging desk won’t work!

A: Put a nice solid curtain with a deep color such as green, or brown for support.

Q: How can I use my home office to increase wealth?

A: Activate the wealth corner of your office, and your desk. Use the cover of my Feng Shui book that you received in the class to position the wealth corner and place anything that represents wealth such as: desktop waterfall, money, Bill Gates photo, a small bank etc., but place what you feel represents wealth to you.

Q: How do you handle people who constantly criticize you?

A: Don’t get too concerned. It is a reflection of them. They want to “steal” your energy. Just listen. If they are helpful to you, use it to improve. If it is not true, brush it aside, and move on.

Q: I sit next to another Real Estate agent, I can tell that she has negative energy, she is constantly complaining about everything and everybody. How do I remove that negative energy from her since my desk is next to her, I can’t help but hearing her negative comments!

A: Get a live plant with big leaves; position the plants between you and her so that you do not need to see her. Get a small table fountain and let it run. Train yourself to listen to only the positive. Remember, manifest positive energy not negative energy. Don’t allow the negative energy into your space. It’s difficult at first, but once you practice, it becomes your second nature.

Q: Do you ever have negative clients or negative audiences? If so, how do you deal with them?

A: Yes, I do have negative clients and negative audiences. It’s a fact of life. Moses took people out of bondage from Egypt and they still complained. Human nature! Remember Bill Crosby said: “I do not know the key to success but I do know the key to failure, and that is to try to please everyone.”

Q: Do I exempt from bad luck if I practice Feng Shui?

A: No, everyone has their own Karma. Feng Shui helps to enhance your luck and minimize your bad luck. Feng shui does not exempt anyone from being unlucky.

Q: Can I have pictures of my children or favorite animals, horses, dogs in my offices?

A: Of course, place them in your “relationship” corner.

Q: I have a sitting room in my bedroom. Can I make that my working area?

A: Yes, as long it is separate from your sleeping place. Your bedroom is should be “sacred,” a place of peace and harmony. Ideally you should not bring your work to your bedroom. It would interfere with your sleep.

Q: My husband comes home with a lot of negative energy from his business day and creates negative energy among his family. What can be done about this?

A: Pray. Seriously, read my Feng Shui book, page 11 “Feng Shui Energy or Feng Shui therapy”. Another solution is to look at his office position, perhaps his desk is located in a wrong direction, or location, where so much bad energy “sha” is directed toward him.

Q: How can I increase my title business 50% in the next 30 days?

A: Activate the wealth and relationship corners. Begin with my Feng Shui book cover Pakua and apply the appropriate Elements.

Q: My desk in my office wraps around the room and I face the wall. Should I, or can I, keep this desk? It works very well for my small area.

A: Mail me your desk photo. Choose the best of the worst. Consider your best facing directions and apply a small mirror to protect your rear side. Apply my Feng Shui book cover Pakua to begin your quest. See the answer to the last question regarding your wall.

Q: I moved my office furniture to have a strong wall behind, paint color red, view to all windows and can see all. Photo behind is hummingbirds on tree. Is it OK?

A: A strong wall behind you is good for support. The color red, well, it has to be a suitable color from your kua number which we emailed you separately so you can find the “right” color for you. (Red can also have negative effects). A photo of hummingbirds on a tree behind you is not very supportive if not in the south. Birds are auspicious but are most appropriate in the south of your office, living room, or garden. This includes the Phoenix bird.

Q: My desk must face the wall, but it is an L shape. What can I do to arrange my space Feng Shui correct?

A: Considering your diagram, there no wall perimeters. Please mail me the photo of your desk and area. The walls, windows and door locations are important to consider and you may need to suppress the energy that will produce obstacles. Use my Feng Shui book cover Pakua to assist you in placement and position. Begin with your desk top. Have small mirror at your computer for the door behind you, and one at your workspace for the other door. See the answer to the last question regarding your wall your front wall.

Q: My desk and my whole back of me is surrounded by windows, what can I do for better energy?

A: Your back always should have a wall for support. If the window is behind your back and you simply can not move, hang a solid curtain to cover the window, or a large portrait of mountain representing support.

Q: How do determine which way or direction you face at your desk?

A: Apply the personal Kua Number and best facing directions that was emailed to you.

Q: If your seat in your office is facing the door?

A: The distance to the door determines the remedy. Are you directly facing the door? How far is the door? What is outside the door? (A hallway, traffic, up or down stair way) Is it one of your best facing directions) what are your options? If you are in an office with your back to a wall and you have a view of the door you may be OK.

Q: I would like to know what to do in my home office to increase wealth?

A: Begin with clearing clutter. There should be nothing on top of your desk except for the present work at hand. Remove clutter from the top and all drawers. Then circulate your attention in the room and clear existing clutter from your shelves and closet space etc. Otherwise, applying Feng Shui principles will not work for you. Make room to receive. Use my book cover Pakua for your desktop and place the appropriate elements on your desk. Do not forget your best facing directions.

Q: My desk and my whole back of me is surrounded by windows, what can I do for better energy?

A: Not knowing your position within the room, and the distance to the windows and their size, you may tastefully place a large enough portrait, poster, or art piece behind you for support. A partition in good taste will work behind you also. Consider closing the curtain only at your immediate back location. You mentioned energy – this can be enhanced in various ways for career, promotion income etc. aside from your cures for windows.

Q: My home office desk faces the wall, what picture should I put on the wall?

A: Considering your diagram, begin orientation using my book cover Pakua. The walls of your home office can be painted in colors that enhance the Element of their location, or you can hang paintings and display auspicious objects to energize specific types of good fortune. Face your best direction and hang a small mirror at your desk to have a view of your entrance behind you.

Q: I am curious; why are you teaching Feng Shui when you do not get paid as well as in Real Estate?

A: I am now content with the nine areas of life: wealth, fame, career, health, family, children, knowledge, mentor, and relationships, therefore I am able to serve my clients more effectively. (Outline in my Feng Shui book, page 41). If the Feng Shui master struggles, then their struggling energy will transfer to the clients’ homes when they enter.

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