New Year's Resolutions Reinstated - Rooster 2005

How is your new year's resolution? January is gone and we are into February, the second month of 2005. I receive many emails from clients and readers stating that they fall behind in their New Year's resolutions. Is there a solution to get back on track?

The Western New Year starts on the 1st day of January. This year, the Chinese & Vietnamese New Year starts on February 9th, 2005. So, if you want to keep your New Year's resolution, start now to celebrate the Year of the Rooster.    Cont...

Start the New Year by wearing exciting "Yang" colors. Visit beautiful places to inhale their good fortune.
Start the New Year by wearing exciting "Yang" colors. Visit beautiful places to inhale their good fortune. This photo is taken at The McCormick Ranch, founded by a member of the Rockefeller family located in a "Feng Shui" environment with harmony & prosperity .

To begin with, a week prior to the New Year, get rid of clutter. I was told the reason clutter is such a problem is because it impedes the flow of energy in our homes and workplaces.

Anything neglected, forgotten, unwanted, unloved or unused, as well as clutter of the 'just too much for the amount of space' variety will cause energy to slow and stagnate, and then we complain that we (or our finances, relationships, etc) feel tired, lethargic, aimless or stuck.

The clutter itself begins as a symptom of what is happening with us energetically and then becomes a part of the problem itself.

Next, whatever items you do not want, but usable and in good condition, gather them up and donate to the Good Will. You receive abundant luck by giving nice items and in return, Uncle Sam blesses you with the tax write off!

Perform space clearing through out the house to clear up all unwanted energy. Pay bills. Activate whatever section you want to manifest: health, wealth, career, children, etc... and clearly indicate your goals and your intentions with great attention. Don't forget to get some beautiful flowers in yang color: red, orange, pink etc.Avoid the colors white, lavender or purple.

Place flowers pots in front of the entrance to welcome the Rooster Year. And once again, get your New Year 's Resolutions reinstated.

We at FengShuiSanDiego.Com wish you a Happy Rooster Year. Surf our Website for future classes.

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