Neighbours Homes May Harm You
How to Use Feng Shui Cures

Whether practicing feng shui as a beginner, or an expert, we find it quite evident that homes do have energy. As soon as we enter someone’s home, we know whether it has “good” or “bad” energy. As a Real Estate Broker for nearly 30 years, I have entered thousands of homes, and have experienced that a rough looking home can be feng shui correct and have more positive energy than a million dollar cream de la cream home…


Home has life.  We must be aware of which plants to position outside the home to benefit from Feng Shui
Home has life. We must be aware of which plants to
position outside the home to benefit from Feng Shui.

It is good practice to use a LoPan (feng shui compass) to determine compass directions, analyze the house based on its construction date, and the homeowner’s birthday, etc…

Here are quick fixes for your home until you hire a feng shui master:

Beware of buildings taller than your homes that directly face your house. Large structures that stand right in front of your house cause obstacles in your life, blocking good energies and can bring misfortune.

Buildings with many sharp corners and edges are fully abundant of negative energy. Buildings having a tilted structure with edges pointed directly at your home can be very dangerous.

The color of tiles and walls of buildings, as well as the shape of the building itself, can also be a problem if the colors and shapes represent elements not in harmony to the element of your home.

Which destructive energies could affect your home?
  1. A home that sits south is a Fire element house, and if the building opposite you is curved shaped, and the color is blue or black, which represents the Water element, needs to be neutralized with an Earth element. Solve this problem by building a brick wall.
  2. A home that sits East or Southeast is a Wood element house, so if the building opposite is square, white or metallic in color, it represents Metal; destructive energy. Use a Fire element to cure by installing a bright light.
  3. When your home sits West or Northwest, it is a Metal element house. A building that is triangular in shape and red in color represents the Fire element. Use a Feng Shui cure with a Water element by building a small fountain between the Fire element building and your home.
  4. If your home sits North, it is a Water element house. If the building opposite is round and predominantly yellow, it represents the Earth element, and must be cured with the Wood element by Planting a tree or growing a hedge.
  5. If your home sits Northeast or Southwest, it is an Earth element house and if the building opposite is rectangular and mostly brown and green, it represents the Wood element, use the Metal element like a metal wind chime to cure.

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