Merry, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

December is a splendid month to practice feng shui and bring in the calm amid the chaos. From November to January we feel pressured and over extend ourselves trying to craft the ultimate celebrations. Actually, most of the tension we feel during the holidays is the direct result of our own expectations. As the holiday season draws nearer, we may resolve to give up our dreams of perfection to avoid anxiety; remember that holidays encompass but a few days out of each year, so we don't want miss out on the spirit of the holiday season.   Cont...

Wherever you spend the season, warm wishes for a happy, healthy, and stress free holiday.
Wherever you spend the season, warm wishes
for a happy, healthy, and stress free holiday.

Try to remember that we are unique, which means that our holiday experience need not conform to that of our parents, our neighbors, or the simulated families we see in the media. Understand that we cannot please everyone. After all, what the people we care about likely want most during the holiday season is our time and attention, so create serene celebrations.

Be a cheerleader for others, as cheerfulness is an almost lost asset nowadays. Do our words and presence create a blessing to others? Are we cultivating a cheerful heart?

When we seek always to be friendly, helpful, and responsive, we effortlessly create an atmosphere around ourselves that is both uplifting and inspiring.

If we project our warmth, in our facial features, voice, and choice of words, every person will leave our presence feeling at peace with themselves and with us. Peace begins with a smile!

This year transform to enjoy the joyful celebration with family and friends by putting a smile on our faces and see who we can cheer up today. Be of good cheer! It fills a mind with steady and perpetual serenity.

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Have a wonderful & blessed holiday!

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