How to Read 800 Books in One Day
It was a fun day at our hands-on-workshop on Saturday 9/20/03. The workshop began at 10 am. Originally, Gwen said we would take 10-minute breaks on the hour but then we were so involved that there were no break times, and no one seemed to miss it. We were so engaged listening to Peggy testify that since she went to Gwen’s clutter clearing class 2 months ago, she changed 180 degrees from being a perfectionist. She started to get rid of 9 items a day, and she did not get upset if things did not turn out to be perfect. Her health improved and her family was happier because Peggy was happier. Peggy said that she was from China, and it was difficult to get rid of things because it was considered wasteful. Gwen gently said that giving 9 items away per day was simply recycling back to the universe.

Gwen talked about universal energy. Sometimes there are days when you wake up and nothing seems right. It does not matter what we try to do, things just don’t seem to work out well. Gwen said the best thing to do is to do nothing. Stop, reflect and try to understand what the universe is trying to tell you. Dr. Donna whole-heartedly agreed. She said she practiced that concept very often: do nothing, and it works!

Clutter Clearing advice from Gwen: Linda was surprisingly shocked when Gwen told the class how she calls charity organizations ahead of time to pick up items in good condition she no longer wants. When Gwen calls to schedule a donation, she tells them she has 10 boxes to donate even if she only has one at that time. That 10-box commitment motivates her to work hard to accumulate 10 boxes to be picked up as scheduled.

Mark really enjoyed the part of soul searching to remove emotional & spiritual clutter. Mark also shared with us his ideas of not having to jump when the phone rings after a designated hour to stop working, and how he manages to stay focused with great intention on one Bagua square at a time.

Gwen is such a “mean” teacher. She assigned lunch hour homework. We were instructed to look into our purses, wallets, and our cars to see if there was any unwanted clutter. Linda suggested shortening the lunch break so that we could break out early. Everyone agreed to shorten lunch to 1 hour but we still did not end our session until 4:45 pm. Nearly 2 hours overtime. Good thing Gwen does not charge overtime fees.

Usually, after returning from a lunch, Gwen says she tends to get sleepy, but this exciting group helped her focus and recharged her energy for the afternoon session. We talked about what we found in our purses, cars, wallets, and in our pockets. Rose said that she found coupons that expired last year, and business cards of people she has no intention to do business with. It’s amazing how all these items can fit into such small spaces!

Gwen demonstrated how to do step by step Space Clearing and the purpose behind it. She passed around articles used to Space Clear such as sage, a bell, a singing bowl, golden nugget incense, and sea salt. She explained about the new moon and the full moon, and when to take advantage of the high energy that the universe has to offer.

Now, let’s talk about deep stuff: Feng Shui. Michael shared with us the origin of Feng Shui and the different forms. He shared with us how to apply the Black Hat Feng Shui using the Bagua, and only touched the surface of Flying Star Feng Shui and how “old Feng Shui masters” only use a compass to determine directions. He shared Landscape Feng Shui positions of the Phoenix bird, Turtles, Dragons, and Tigers. He talked about Symbolic Feng Shui and how it benefits us to enhance wealth and apply cures and prevention. So much Feng Shui in one sitting can be overwhelming. We began to feel as though were talking in a foreign language! Carol stated that she has been a Feng Shui practitioner for quite a long time but yet she had no idea how much detail was involved in “real” Flying Star Feng Shui.

At the end of the workshop, we all understood how to apply 9 Bagua squares to our lives and our environments. Gwen said that we should be proud of ourselves since we now know more than some Feng Shui practitioners. Myself, I just cannot wait until the flying star class. Feb 4, 2004 is right around the corner. I sure want to capture all the positive energy of the new period: Period 8. Michael said to bring our floor plans to class to apply Flying Star Feng Shui to our own homes.

It was a nice day and it was exciting to spend time with such nice people. We were all strangers, but at the end of the class, we seemed like best friends. I simply cannot ask for more. It reminded me of an old Chinese proverb: “Spending an hour with a wise teacher is equivalent to reading 100 books.” Which means I did read 800 books on Saturday, Wow!!!

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