How to Meet Influential People by Using Feng Shui

“This class was so much fun and very informative.” Everyone agreed; who attended the two hour Feng Shui class “How to Meet Influential People by Using Feng Shui” held on Saturday, August 28, 2004.

Reading the pakua map is so easy when we have Gwen as mentor.

“Reading the pakua map is so easy when we have Gwen as mentor.”

The conference room welcomed attendees with Feng Shui decor filled with a pleasant aroma creating a calming affect. Trina said: “I would be willing to put in long hours if my boss would do his office like this. It was just so cozy”.

During the class, Gwen shared with everyone how to activate the northwest corner for mentor support, and also learned to use flowers, or candles to activate the Fame section. Each person came to class with a difference perspective. At the end of the class, all were happy and content that all of their questions had been answered by following the Pakua that Gwen provided. Together everyone held the Pakua and followed with Gwen step by step in activating the right directions for the right luck. Everyone discovered that reading Feng Shui was easy.

Gwen shared photos she and her husband took with famous people such as First Lady Barbara Bush, Dr. Gandhi’s grandson, Dr. Erwin Jacobs; the founder of Qualcomm, etc… “We learned through Gwen’s stories that in order to receive we must be cheerful givers. Be a mentor to someone else, and your mentors will appear.” It was truly a delightful class to see couples participating in the Feng Shui class such as Mark & Rose; Realtors from La Jolla, CA and Susan and Charlie; Realtors from Coronado, CA.

Two hours went by so quickly and everyone departed the class as a good circle of friends. Everyone is looking forward to attending Gwen’s next Feng Shui class which will be a hands-on workshop – “Applying the Pakua to Your Own Personal Home Floor-Plan.”

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