Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us at www.FengShuiSanDiego.Com wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This month we all give thanks to the mother earth, to our mentors, and to those who help us on the way. Myself, I am grateful to live in the United States, to enjoy my freedom, and to be able to sponsor my entire family to this wonderful country.   Cont...

Sitting under a huge tree is a great place to connect with mother earth and nourish physical energy!
Sitting under a huge tree is a great place to connect
with mother earth and nourish physical energy!

This is a great month for our family as our two nieces have given birth to a beautiful girl and a gorgeous boy. Every week when I see my family gathering, as they multiply almost yearly, I am reminded of the wonderful blessings our family receives. I am thankful for my supportive husband, always by my side, through good times and bad, my family, including my royal Pekingese princess, Fufu; my devoted friends, my wonderful clients, my ASIA editors and readers, and of course, my deepest gratitude to my web designer, Lani, as without her, I could not express my heartfelt message from our home to yours.

Thanksgivings is a month of giving. In Feng Shui, we all know the law of the universe, that to give is to receive. This is the month one can give thanks by giving to one's favorite organization, church, hospital, etc. May I suggest a few of my favorite charities: www.AHAC.org and www.SDCPHA.org

Have a wonderful Thanksgivings. If you would like to learn how to bless and clear your space, email us at gwen@FengShuiSanDiego.Com we will send you the information, free of charge, as our thanks for your continued support. Peace & Love.

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