Happy New Year! The Year of the Rat 2008

According to the philosophy of the Far East, luck has little to do with the success and failures we make of our personal lives but how we respond to events that occur throughout the year; it is "The Animal that hides in our hearts" that explains our fortunes and characters.

In the complex art of Chinese astrology there are twelve Animals organized in a 12-year cycle. Each year within the cycle has an Animal sign attributed to it, and that Animal influences both events of the year and the character of people born within it.

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There are 12 Animals that run in sequence and all years always follow the same order, beginning with the Year of the Rat and ending with the Year of the Pig.

There is an ancient story that before Buddha left this world he invited all the animals to join him around his table for a feast. Of all the creatures in the land, only twelve arrived. The steadfast Ox led the way, but at the last moment, the Rat scampered over the Ox's back to arrive first at the Buddha's door. For their loyalty and faithfulness, these animals were awarded in perpetuity by having a year named after each one of them in order of their arrival.

The twelve Animals run in sequence beginning with the Rat and followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and last, but not least, the Pig.

The end of the Pig in 2007 will continue to influence earthly affairs as the shifting patterns of the planets subtly begin to change their influence on all things in the universe introducing the Year of the Rat; 2008.

This is a good time to preface the New Year; the year of the Rat, as the Chinese New Year will occur on February of 2008 and will be an excellent period for new beginnings, with fresh starts of regeneration and renewal.

By studying the specific influences of each Animal year, we can prepare in advance for the trends that will touch upon our lives globally, politically, economically, and socially.

For example, in the year of the Pig, the population booms. The year of the Ox, times of steady growth. The year of the Monkey may scramble your plans while innovations leap forward. The year of Tiger bring danger and political unrest.

The coming year of the Rat is not a time for complacency. This is the time to begin new projects, announce new plans, get married, start a family, buy a house or let go and star over; (Do not listen to the real estate media telling us about doom and gloom; it will be a great year to buy a home, sell a home, or to make changes) however, new ventures started in the Rat year will not yield quick returns so be patient. It is not the time to flip houses. Real estate is a long term investment.

It's about regeneration and renewal meaning the economy will carry a buoyant spirit while things in general keep improving. Opportunities will abound for quick, smart and clever people with vision to grab and turn them around to an advantage. The influence of the Rat will favor the careful and wise bringing returns in the fullness of time.

Understanding each years influence can help one adapt to changing circumstances and encourage harmony in your life.

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