Happy New Year! Happy 2004! Happy Monkey Year!
Now that the end of 2003 is near, let's start the New Year by talking about prosperity. Let's talk about Feng Shui for Wealth!

When talking about Wealth, we must talk about color. Wealth does not come in sad colors. Wealth comes in bright, happy, brilliant colors. It is no wonder that during Christmas, stores decorate loudly with bright red, lively purple, and hot pink to bring more customers in to their businesses.

So ladies, to increase your wealth, treat yourself for the 2004 Monkey Year and get yourself a bright, cheerful, colorful purse. Place 3 heavenly coins inside the purse and just watch and see money, money, and more money keep coming and coming.

Trang Huynh, a creator of Isabella Fiore purses, and Gwen Coronado are demonstrating a "Feng Shui for Wealth" purse at Nordstroms.

Notice that even the plain colors that Gwen wears are still enhanced instantly with a colorful purse!

According to Chinese & Vietnamese customs, the New Year starts by clearing clutter and cleaning the entire household to remove "dead" energy and to ensure their homes are squeaky clean. Everyone in the family will have the luxury of getting new clothes to wear for the New Year because new clothes represent the start of everything new. The red envelopes given to the loved ones are for good luck, good fortune, and everyone smiles happily to ensure the entire year will bring in happiness. Everyone is in a good mood because the New Year is a chance to start new.

Year 2004 brings in a different change. This is the beginning of the new Period: Period 8. Each Period lasts 20 years. There are 9 Periods in a cycle of 180 years, and our current Period 7 ends February 3rd, 2004. When the old period ends, it creates so much chaos. This is the reason you see so many unsettling circumstances around the world. When the new Period 8 begins, for those of you who practice Feng Shui, everything you have done in the period 7 will no longer work.

All through the past 20 years when Period 7 reigned supreme, the number 7 was very lucky. It was also a Period when women, especially young women, enjoyed great good fortune. In Period 8, young men will dominate Period 8. Period 8 is represented by the northeast direction and this is the direction that will "rule" the coming period. It is also a Period when the mountains will reign. So health and relationships will exert far greater influences than money and wealth creation.

The most important thing to remember in terms of Feng Shui is that as soon as the period changes, all houses built or renovated during Period 7 between Feb. 4th, 1984 to Feb. 4th, 2004, will instantly lose vitality and lose chi (energy) strength.

Saturday, January 24, 2004, FengShuiSanDiego.COM is sponsoring a "Feng Shui For Wealth" class from 10:00 am to noon. Tuition Fee is $35.00 and must be paid in advance to reserve seats.

Call 858-456-9443 or email gwen@fengshuisandiego.com

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San Diego, CA 92121

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