Happy Pets, Happy Home, Happy Life

According to the 6,000 year old ancient Feng Shui practice, the energy of our home greatly affects our general well being. Most of our clients who apply Feng Shui report positive changes.

When Feng Shui is applied correctly, it increases happiness, wealth, health, and harmonious relationships.

In nature, all things are in harmony. Animals living in nature live harmoniously with the energies that surround them. Cont...

Colleen, a Feng Shui client, and Gwen hugging Colleen's pet.
Colleen, a Feng Shui client, and Gwen hugging Colleen's pet.

When animals spend their time in artificial indoor environments, they are at the mercy of the inharmonious energies that might be present in the environment. These energies can greatly affect their health and emotional well being.

We may have taken time to create a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere in our home without considering that, for our animal companions, things may be far from harmonious. This can be better understood by taking a look at indoor life from the perspective of your cat, dog or other small animal. Get down at their eye level and take a look around. Often the area closest to the floor is the most neglected from a housekeeping standpoint, being the untidiest. It is all a matter of perspective. What you experience and what your cat, dog or rabbit experiences can be quite different.

Cats, in particular, are extremely sensitive to the energies given off by different objects and the energies generated by different configurations of objects. A small animal may communicate a sense of discomfort with their indoor environment such as the view of the underside of a bed, couch or other piece of furniture. These areas in most homes are often cluttered, untidy and the last to be cleaned. We simply don't think of these areas of our homes because, to us, they are of little impact. To our animal companions these areas comprise a great deal of their world.

Many of my clients complain that their cats frequently explore the tops of their dressing tables, piano tops, dining tables, kitchen counter tops and other places where delicate things are kept or food is prepared. The reason animals frequent these places are often not what we think. Cats like the energy in these places - they experience a sense of order, cleanliness and beauty that they do not experience when on the ground.

Animals are naturally drawn to harmony and beauty and will seek it out whenever possible. In nature this would not be a factor since nature is always harmonious and beautiful, but indoors it can be quite a different matter. Placing small container plants close to the floor along with mirrors and sacred objects makes them very happy. They respond immediately to this kind of decorating on their behalf and consequently they spend far less time on top of furniture.

As we enter into Spring, the season has always been a time of growth & renewal. Just as the oak shoots forth new leaves in Spring, this is a great time to incorporate Feng Shui, the season of renewal, great opportunity, when old problems disappear and the world is born new.

To celebrate, we, at www.FengShuiSanDiego.Com offer a Feng Shui workshop on how to use Feng Shui remedies and enhancement to bring prosperity, and to harmoniously welcome the New Year.

The April 28, 2007 workshop from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm is designed to move you forward to the next level in your Feng Shui journey. It will encompass an advanced form of Feng Shui unique to each attendee's working and living space.

In this workshop, you will learn about yin & yang (energy), and how to use the five elements to enhance, weaken and control desired expectations and results.

You will learn why you need to apply and update Feng Shui principles at least once a year to manifest Feng Shui luck.

The universe is in constant change; therefore, we must change too, to be in tune with the universe.

For an example, we would not go to Florida if we were aware a hurricane was brewing in the area...Feng Shui works the same way. If we know where the good energy and bad energy locations are located, we will know what to do with them, to enhance or to eliminate.

You will learn how each compass area of your personal living or working space affects your wealth, health and relationships.

You will learn how to develop your personal recipe depending on your preference in applying Feng Shui.

Our all day workshop is kept to a small group for personal attention and interaction, therefore, $150.00 prepaid will guarantee a seat.

If our karma meets, we will see each other at the workshop on Saturday, April 28, 2007.

If your home is happy, your pets are happy, your spouse is happy, you will have a happy life!

Email gwen@FengShuiSanDiego.Com for additional information.

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