We are fast approaching the last of year 2015, and now is a good time to plan ahead to welcome the New Year with festivity, but proceed with moderation throughout the year.

According to the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year begins on February 8th, 2016, and it will begin with a New Moon, signifying a fresh new start for everyone; Yea!


Did you know that Donald Trump also believes in Feng Shui? Gwen Coronado conducted a feng shui walking tour at one of Donald Trump's hotels.

Did you know that Donald Trump also believes in Feng Shui?
Gwen Coronado conducted a feng shui walking tour at one of Donald Trump's hotels.

I look forward to new beginnings of happy social interaction with family, friends, reunions, and thanksgiving… but the reason I mentioned earlier to proceed the year with moderation is because historically, the last Yang Fire Monkey years were in 1956, 1896 and 1836, and each of those years were disastrous financially and politically.

Keeping in mind that the presidential election will take place in 2016; the Federal Reserve also seems quite anxious to raise interest rates again, and these changes can have an impact on our economy.

I am a positive person, but I do recognize that Chi energy comes in pairs; positive and negative, and very much depending which one you feed most; the Eagle or the Wolf.

A lot of focus will be placed on the US election during the year of the Yang Fire Monkey and there will be a lot of talk on national and foreign policy filled with lots of promises.

Please spend wisely, and of course make sure you practice correct Feng Shui, to properly activate positive chi energy in your home and business.

The Fire Monkey year does favour growth, creativity, and progress but year 2016 will be smitten with inauspicious (bad) Chi energy requiring more cures than ever before.

I would be more than happy to be proved wrong but negative chi energy is brewing in areas of health, wealth, and relationships; and these three areas do affect all nine areas of life.

The nine areas of life are Health, Fame/Reputation, Relationships, Creativity/Children, Mentors/Helpful People, Career, Knowledge/Education, Family, and Wealth.

This is a very important year in Feng Shui and preventive measures must be taken to avoid many problems and make the most of the year as a Monkey year.

This affliction is due to negative Chi energy dominating this year and circulating from the heart of home and businesses - which is the Center compass location.

Home and business compass locations to be cautious of in year 2016 are the center, northeast, north, and northwest compass locations.

The Center location being the heart of every home and business will affect health.

The northeast location will affect finance and relationships.

The north location will affect peace and security.

The northwest location will affect emotions stemming for legalities, disagreements, and quarrels.

On the brighter side, let’s bring out the best of feng shui by activating, and enhancing positive Chi energy in the southwest, south, southeast, west, and east compass locations.

The southwest fosters future prosperity, recognition, fame and reputation.

The south enhances power, authority, and unexpected windfall luck.

The southeast heightens productivity, success and triumph over competitors.

The west blooms with loving energy, romance, and scholastic and academic success.

The east multiplies with energy drawing future prosperity, recognition, reputation, and fame.

I also have good news for women, this coming New Year, 2016 the year of the Yang Fire Monkey; we will be entering the twelfth year of a 20-year cycle of period 8.

Being that Period 8 began in February of 2004 giving favor to young men who helped bring about successful new ideas and innovation, it has reached its peak in year 2014, so men, it’s time to relax and take your place in the world of business and commerce in support of women.

Global Chi energy is beginning to shift and is now in transition that will favor women in Period 9.

Perhaps the Era of Chivalry will make a comeback; yes?

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