Fidelity Economic Summit Event & Feng Shui Outlook

On June 14th, my husband and I were invited by Fidelity National Title to attend a 2007 Mid Year Economic Summit at the Torrey Pines Hilton. The house was packed full of Realtors eager to listen to what three experts had to say about San Diego's Real Estate Industry and its future.

Feng shui for prosperity in real estate.
Feng shui for prosperity in real estate.

The three guest speakers were Alan Nevin, Chief Economist for the California Building Industry Association; Greg J. Smith, the San Diego County Assessor; and Alan Gin, an affiliated faculty member of the University of San Diego Real Estate Institute.

Alan Nevin and Greg Smith talked about the strength of the San Diego Real Estate market, and the continued growth of the economy in contrast to the economic bubble that burst in the 1990's.

With the exception of Riverside County, Temecula, etc., experiencing a 50% downturn in Real Estate, elsewhere, business is expanding, car sales are up in spite of higher gas prices, SUV's are still the most popular vehicles to own, interest rates are slowly climbing; lenders are tightening up FICO scores, but people continue to work and spend. Alan Nevin said that San Diego is blessed with young vibrant people willing to buy.

There is no "Bubble" according to Greg Smith. We have an excess of condos, yes, but we do not have unsold home inventory as in past real estate and economic cycles. According to Greg Smith, we are not in recession and he said the real estate market is healthy, and current prices are sustainable. He added that supply is limited, demand is strong, interest rates are still historically low, and this is a great time to buy a home.

Alan Gin approached the audience from a different point of view; as slightly cautious. He said that he examines two economies, the national economy and the San Diego economy. The outlook is continued weakness in the local economy through the end of 2007 and possibly into the first part of 2008, and that we are not likely to reach a stage of recession, but will manifest itself into slower job growth, higher unemployment, continued slow home sales, and a general decline in economic activity.

Alan Gin mentioned that the national economy is weakening rapidly and is forecast for more of the same. This will hurt the San Diego economy in two ways: Local firms who do business on a nationwide basis will see slower sales, and the local tourism industry will be hurt by a slowing national economy as people cut back their travel plans. On the positive side, he said, although gas prices reached a record high, local consumer confidence continues to climb.

Now you heard input from three experts, based on their economic perspectives, and remember, we all have 3 kinds of luck; heaven luck (born with it), man luck (earning a living), and feng shui luck (applying feng shui principles to improve luck).

Regardless how the economy goes, up or down, anyone can practice feng shui in any market to gain wisdom and knowledge to improve harmony, health, wealth, etc. Email your questions to or call us at 858-456-9443 for an upcoming event, "How to Profit from Real Estate by using Feng Shui Principles."

I am going to be in Orlando, Florida from August 8 - 12, 2007.
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