Feng Shui in the Work Place at Booz Allen Hamilton

Michael and Gwen were invited to speak at Booz Allen Hamilton, about Feng Shui for the work place, prior to the holiday weekend of July 4, 2005. Booz Allen Hamilton is an international company consulting firm with 16,000 employees in over 6 continents and has 30 offices nationwide. Their total sales exceeded $3 billion U.S Dollars in the fiscal year of 2005.     Cont...

Executives at Booz Allen Hamilton listen attentively during the seminar of “The Art of Feng Shui”

Executives at Booz Allen Hamilton listen attentively during the seminar of “The Art of Feng Shui”

So, with Booz Allen Hamilton and their track record (wealth), and their well known name (fame) in the world, why Feng Shui? Well, the question is why not Feng Shui? As Gwen explains at the seminar, Feng Shui is all about balance and harmony; it is not just about work, work, work, career, and fame, because if you just focus only on work eventually you will get burned out. Then you are not good to yourself, let alone for the company you work for. Gwen shared her experience as a Real Estate Broker for 20 years and was amazed how easily real estate can become one's life as she's heard many Realtors say "Real Estate is my life, I live and breath Real Estate." Gwen says that if you live and breathe Real Estate, one begins to focus only on 2 sections: wealth and career. What happens to the other areas of one's life: Family, relationship, children, creativity, etc.? Michael added that in Feng Shui, one can use the Pakua to organize, plan, and manifest what you want in life, and when the scale of one area outweighs the others, you must rebalance and refocus. It is about being aware & paying attention to each area of your life. Michael then used Gwen's Feng Shui Books, which have a Pakua on the front cover, to demonstrate how to use the Pakua to sit in the right direction to negotiate, gain support, and to receive abundant knowledge, etc. The books are courtesy of Jeri Winberg and you can find her information in our website under Friends of www.FengShuiSanDiego.Com.

Audrey, a Senior Consultant, and also the Asian Pacific American Forum's co-chair person says: "Thank you for taking the time to present 'The Art of Feng Shui' at Booz Allen Hamilton. The lecture was both insightful and interesting to the audience. The feedback received so far had nothing but praise for the content, humor and examples provided. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this topic which was presented for the first time ever in the company."

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