Feng Shui for Relationships
Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh began his professional career as a pastor? His enthusiasm for life, and his desire to help the poor people around him caused him to constantly give away his possessions.

His brother Theo noticed that Vincent had a gift for painting, and encouraged him to make that his vocation, offering to pay him out of his own wages to help support the endeavor. So Vincent began to paint the lives he saw around him: people huddled around a table by firelight, eating the potatoes they had gotten that day from the fields. He painted purple Irises, and the way the stars looked at night. Yet Vincent's paintings were met with scorn. The villagers and critics mocked him, using his paintings for target practice or to hang on their hen house doors to keep the wolves away. Theo continued to encourage Vincent anyway, telling him not to give up his God given talent. Vincent painted furiously for 5 or 6 years, turning out more than 2000 paintings. During that time he sold only two paintings, just enough for food and supplies.

Vincent, affected by seizures and despair, committed himself to a local asylum, seeking peace from the crushing depression that haunted him. At that time, there were no medications, and Vincent ended up killing himself one "starry, starry night". Penniless, and insane, Vincent died at the age of 37.

Today, Vincent Van Gogh's work is among the highest priced and most sought after in the world. The purple Irises that he painted one afternoon alone in his room sold at an auction for $42,000,000 (forty two million dollars).

The moral of this story is: usually talented people who are diagnosed as mentally ill are so brilliant that they can not accept living in a mediocre world, therefore, they must live in their "imagination of a perfect world" because their ideal world is not available.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, you are all invited to a free luncheon sponsored by SDCPHA sharing a topic of discussion, "Living in Harmony with mental illness by practicing Feng Shui". Please do come and learn from a new perspective: Feng Shui for Relationships.

An art exhibit will also being displayed & available for purchase.

Please call 858-456-9443 or email gwen@FengShuiSanDiego.com to reserve a seat.

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