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Sandy read Gwen’s column “Feng Shui for Real Estate” in the ASIA newspaper and decided to email Gwen to enquire about a kua number for herself, her husband Roland, and their baby daughter Sage.

Sandy, Roland and baby Sage are posing happily in front of their "home sweet home".

Sandy, Roland and baby Sage are posing happily in front of their "home sweet home".

Their baby Sage was diagnosed with a liver tumor at birth and Sandy has taken time off from her job as a nurse for nearly 2 years to care for their child. Roland is currently working at station KPBS skilled as a technical director.

Since Sandy was not working, budget constraints kept her from calling Gwen and considering a Feng Shui consultation. While Gwen and Sandy communicated via email, Gwen learned of Sandy’s concern and her desire for a harmonious, relaxed, serene atmosphere for baby Sage and her family. Gwen offered her consultation as a gift to Sandy and her family.

When Gwen and her husband Michael arrived at Sandy’s home, they noticed a tree blocking their front door obstructing the flow of nature. Since Sandy lives in a condominium with homeowner restrictions she cannot move the tree. Gwen advised Sandy to place a Pakua mirror in the front entrance to deflect the unwanted energy away from her home. Gwen, also a Real Estate Broker, is aware that the Home Owner Association would not allow Sandy to hang the mirror as it may not conform to their rules and regulations. Gwen advised Sandy to express it as her religious belief and the HOA most likely would make allowance.

Gwen began with a tour of Sandy’s home. Clutter was the biggest finding. Clutter was to be removed from the narrow dim stairway leading from the garage to the living room, and serene photos or artwork were to be placed on the wall to brighten the stairway, and to provide a welcoming invitation into their home. Items preventing several interior doors from closing were to be removed. The patio door was blocked by a huge stereo speaker that needed to be repositioned. The hanging shoe rack on the master bedroom door was to be placed in the garage near the door, which is used most often as an entry to their home. Gwen discovered lots of EMF (electro- magnetic fields) from electronic equipment around the home which caused her Lopan compass needle to fluctuate considerably. Gwen suggested repositioning or doing with less electronic features to reduce EMF. The five element Color schemes for paint and decorations were discussed and Gwen explained step by step Feng Shui do and don’ts to enhance their home environment. Gwen provided each with their Kua numbers, best directions and personal favorable colors, along with Gwen’s Pakua book for room to room direction. Additionally, a list of indoor plants best suitable for a healthy environment was provided.

After a couple hours, before leaving, Michael and Gwen emphasized the most important thing is to clear all clutter; it impacts their lives in a number of ways. Doors should open and close entirely and should not be blocked. An obstructed flow of “Chi” can encourage blockages in one or more areas of their lives, career, health, relationships etc.

EMF robs life from the living and disturbs their sleep (Sandy and Roland admitted that they had difficulty in their sleep). 30 inches in front or back of a television is the most dangerous and to make it worse, there was a television in each room. Cats love EMF explains Gwen: Cat loves to lie or sleep in those high energy areas so take notice and do not spend your time there.

Gwen explained that shoes are made for walking and at ground level; you never know what your shoes have walked on. The dirt and the unwanted energy are not welcomed in the same place where you sleep. Gwen explained that where she grew up, shoes are always left at the garage or at the entryway; never drag into your home something you do not want to have. Sandy and Roland said goodbye and although Gwen did not charge a Feng Shui consultation fee, Sandy and Roland gave Gwen a red envelope as customarily practiced by Feng Shui clients so that all parties will receive Feng Shui luck. Gwen promises she will talk about the red envelope in the next issue.

Final Note: According to the universe, there is nothing free. You must give in order to receive. By giving the red envelope, Sandy and Roland enhanced more luck because they are also giving, not just receiving. Speaking of giving, Thanksgiving is around the corner, it is always so good to give thanks by giving to the less fortunate. In the book “54 ways you can help the homeless” by Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff, page 31, Rabbi Kroloff talked about a church in Birmingham, Alabama that asked every parishioner to bring a bag of groceries to the service on Sunday. They filled six vans with enough staples for the following month. Reform synagogues throughout America ask their members to bring groceries on Yom Kippur which is a fast day. Instead of consuming food themselves, they provide nourishment for the hungry. Each synagogue collects between 500 and 10,000 pounds of food on the Jewish Day of Atonement.

According the Biblical prophet Isaiah, the best kind of fast is the one that “feeds the hungry and lets the oppressed go free.” As the Lord’s Prayer makes clear, “Give us this day our daily bread…”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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