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The feng shui of water in any home or building is regarded as an auspicious feature. The harmonious flow of water is believed to mirror the invisible chi (energy) currents that swirl around the earth. The chi created by water can either bring great wealth or it can cause all the wealth of the family to drain away. Cont...

Boats and moving water bring prosperity.
Boats and moving water bring prosperity.

Does the taboo of bathrooms linger in your mind? What about the number of toilets, bath tubs and his and her sinks. does draining water wash away wealth?

Let's begin by saying that while water governs wealth aspects, it does not directly represent "money". So flushing and draining is not considered bad feng shui.

As for bathrooms, the only requirement is to keep them in hygienic condition. In this modern era of technology and plumbing, creative washrooms are a built-in part of the house where one spends a small amount of healthy time to freshen up or groom for various activities; therefore, even sharing a wall outside the bathroom is acceptable.

Water is one of the components of feng shui (the other is wind), and it is also an unpredictable force that should be understood and treated with respect. For water to remain pure it must be flowing, when it becomes trapped it dies. Therefore water must be constantly circulated. Moving, changing, flowing, that is what life is all about.

In fact, the average human body is 70 percent water. It is a life force, and if we lose 50 percent of the water in our bodies, we can no longer maintain life because it serves as a transporter of energy throughout our bodies. It also serves as a transporter of energy outside our bodies that has an impact on our health, relationships; therefore, our wealth.

For water to be auspicious, it should always be slow-moving and clean. Another general rule about water is that it must not appear to be flowing away from the home especially away from the front door.

The water element can be applied in many ways; the colors blue or black. Wavy or undulating shapes, black or dark blue objects. Water features such as fountains, rolling-balls, bird baths, fabric with wavy patterns or swirls, curving and winding paths, artwork depicting the ocean and any water scene; buildings with undulating and curving roofs.

A water bed is not a water remedy because the water is concealed, and do keep in mind there must be a balance of the yin and yang forces, and when these forces are in balance there is harmony.

Every compass location of a home has positive "chi" and negative "chi', including the bathroom. The secret is to find out where the positive "chi' is and align with it, and weaken, and control the negative by restoring balance in that location. Keep in mind that "chi" effects are the results of how long one is exposed to it.

This can be accomplished with water feng shui, a compass formula method which reveals methods for analyzing water flows. The formula differs between big water (natural bodies of water) and small water (man-made water flows).

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