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A recent press release, by (PRWEB) September 28, 2006, expressed that a male Florida resident has decided against trying to sell his home in the slowing Florida real estate market. Instead, he is offering one person or company an advertisement on his garage door for one year to help pay the mortgage.   Cont...

A correct feng shui home will bring top dollars to the seller creating prosperity and happiness for the buyer.
A correct feng shui home will bring top dollars to the
seller creating prosperity and happiness for the buyer.

This Florida resident is thinking outside the box. With over 40 homes in his community for sale, and virtually none of them selling, he has decided on a different way to pay his Florida home's mortgage while he makes his move back to Missouri, his home state.

He is auctioning off an advertisement on his two-car garage door for one full year. When asked how he thought of this idea, he recalls "I had been writing down all the ideas I could think of with regards to selling my home. Nothing was jumping out at me as the way to go about it. Then, while eating dinner one night, I was thinking about outside advertising and wondering how I could integrate it into the sale of my house. The Garage Door Ad just came to me."

In California, homeowners associations would not allow this, and we are fortunate that For Sale signs in California have not been getting rusty; albeit, across the country the real estate market is slowing and the news media is reporting on the decline in sales, housing prices, and appreciation.

In today's market, desperate sellers are seeking other answers. Would ancient methods of burying a St. Joseph statue in the backyard, or would proper feng shui help? A Feng Shui correct home can help to benefit both the buyer and seller providing the home being sold is entering the market priced correctly.

An over-priced home will not get favorable attention. If a home sits on the market too long it loses its newness. I always equate the home as freshly baked bread. When it freshly baked, meaning the house just came out on the market, everyone is interested. As the house stays on the market longer, it becomes stale bread, even if the price drops tremendously, it loses it appeal, and then it becomes moldy. The moldy stage irritates the neighbors because the unsold home and For Sale sign depresses the neighborhood!

I always recommend a selling price that moves the home from the seller to the buyer quickly and efficiently. The seller wants the moon, and the buyer wants the earth. To reach a star, both parties must be willing to come half way! And with the help of ancient feng shui, it is always possible for the buyers to find their dream home and the sellers to proudly put a "SOLD" sign on their yard.

Just recently, I was challenged by a highly intellectual buyer. He read all the fine print, attended every real estate seminar on how to buy a home with no down payment, turn it into a rental, and receive positive cash flow. He downloaded all the information that was available from the internet about what to look for in a home and how to outwit everyone in closing the sale to benefit him exclusively.

After listening to him, I wished him good luck and advised him to look for another broker because I firmly believe a real estate transaction should benefit both parties resulting in a happy agreement. I believe the seller should leave the home with good energy and the buyer should enter the home with good energy.

San Diego real estate market is not dead, it's just slower. Real estate is a life cycle. Just like the ocean tides: It comes up and it comes down. But throughout history, when the price goes down it is minimal compared to when the price goes up. Design your home to sell; Feng Shui your home and price it correctly and it will sell in any market. Call or email us with any Real Estate or Feng Shui question at gwen@FengShuiSanDiego.Com or 858-456-9443.

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