Feng Shui Mentors: Doctor Elyn Saks & NAMI San Diego

Did you know.?

There are more than 244,000 people living with mental illness in San Diego alone?

In the state of California, 600,000 children, adults and elderly are in need of mental health services that aren't readily available?

In the United States, one in five people will suffer from a serious mental illness in their lifetime.

Recently, my husband and I were blessed to have met Doctor Elyn Saks.


Doctor Elyn Saks and Gwen Coronado at NAMI San Diego event
Doctor Elyn Saks and Gwen Coronado at NAMI San Diego Event

Doctor Elyn Saks went to Harvard and Yale universities, and now is a professor of law and psychology at USC.

Doctor Elyn Saks did it all while living with a serious mental illness.

Doctor Saks has written a number of books and articles on her personal journey with schizophrenia including her memoir "The center cannot hold: my journey through madness."

Her memoir describes her often frightening experiences that have led to her advocacy of mental patients' civil rights as they confront compulsory medication, civil commitment, the abuse of restraints and the absurdities of the mental care system. You can order her book through NAMI SAN DIEGO www.Namisandiego.org

According to Dr. Saks, those with mental illness are not inherently different from any of us. Schizophrenia favors no intellectual or social class; it can strike anyone regardless of age, race, religion or income.

Being a feng shui practitioner, I think of Dr. Saks as a mentor. She teaches us about the illness that we see but do not understand, and that by labeling someone, we are indirectly hurting them, and stopping them from speeding their recovery. When we seek first to understand, we then can be understood.

We too can be good mentors. As we approach April 15 income tax deadlines, we all have choices whether to pay Uncle Sam or use Uncle Sam's money to give to a good cause and be blessed in return.

Mark your calendar: Thursday April 17, 2008, the San Diego Psychiatric Hospital Auxiliary (SDCPHA) will host an 11th annual luncheon event at The Prado at Balboa Park. The luncheon is only $35.00, and is fully tax deductable for the event is underwritten by friends of SDCPHA www.SDCPHA.org. My husband and I looking forward to see you.Peace & Blessings .

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