Feng Shui Energy or Feng Shui Therapy?

Q: You mention Feng Shui energy quite often. What is Feng Shui energy?

A: Feng Shui is the balance between heaven and earth elements. Everything must work together in harmony to achieve positive results. Feng Shui energy is the energy we take in and send out. Remember the first thing we learned in computers 101? GIGO (Garbage In - Garbage Out). In Feng Shui terms, it means: You receive what you give. When you give positive energy, you receive positive energy. Sweet orange trees do not produce sour lemons. What you plant, you harvest!

To be in a room full of good cheer is good "Feng Shui Therapy"
To be in a room full of good cheer is good “Feng Shui Therapy”.

Gail Andrade, President of San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital Auxiliary (SDCPHA) presents an award to one of the award recipients.

Let me tell you a story: I received a call from a Real Estate Agent who told me she was unable to produce any income for over a year; no listings, no buyers. She stated that her luck was so bad at one time; she had a listing with sellers and was able to produce buyers that were willing to submit an all cash, full price offer. She was so excited to present the offer to the sellers, but the sellers changed their mind. They decided not to sell!

She firmly believed that her home was Feng Shui incorrect.

I came to her home and used my Lopan (Chinese Compass).

I analyzed her home using all methods of Feng Shui: Compass, Flying Star, Pakua, Nine areas of Life, etc. Everything in her home was Feng Shui correct. Her directions, her husband's directions, her house directions, her children's directions all worked extremely well together.

From a Feng Shui perspective, her home was so well balanced that it should have brought her abundant wealth and happiness. I simply did not understand why it did not.

Puzzled, I returned to my office frustrated because I was unable to find a single thing wrong with her home. I called my friends, also Feng Shui Masters, for their input. I stated my dilemma and invited them to my home for lunch to help me solve this "Feng Shui mystery". Five of us combined with nearly 200 years experience, studied my analysis together. None of us could find anything that was Feng Shui incorrect. Hours had passed and the next morning about 2 am, my phone rang.

My dear friend, Tappy, a Feng Shui Master and Monk that had gathered at my home the day before, apologized for calling me so early and said he figured out what must have gone wrong.

He said, "Negative energy! You see, according to the law of karma, what you give, you shall receive."

My friend, Tappy continued, "Is your client a generous woman? Is your client happy? Does your client appreciate life? Is she a complainer?"

I was dumb-founded. Having just met her, she seemed to be cordial, and polite, but I honestly did not know. I thanked my friend Tappy, and the next day, I called my client back to set up time to do "Feng Shui Therapy".

I began by asking my client how she felt about her clients.

She said, "I feel that Buyers are liars and Sellers are cheaters." She continued, "I have been in Real Estate many years. I am too smart to be used by those people. I know that buyers just want me to tour them around wasting my time and my gasoline, wearing out my tires, my energy, and they do not have any intention of buying a house from me. The sellers are even worse. They want free information so that they can sell their homes themselves without having to pay me commissions."

I was shocked: "Why on earth would you think that?"

She said: "I have been burned many times therefore; I refused to be used by those liars and cheaters anymore."

I asked: "So how can you continue to be a Real Estate Agent if you do not trust your clients?"

She said: "I told them they have to sign a contract with me first before I give them any of my valuable information. When they refused to do so, I fire them as my clients and my time is not wasted!"

I asked: "How do you feel about your friends, your neighbors? Are they nice to you?" She scorned: "I have no friends. People I associate with are realtors. They claim to be my friends, but I know better! They only pretend to be my friends so that they can look over my shoulder to see what I do so they can steal ideas from me and steal my clients. They are a bunch of vultures! My neighbors are ok, as long as I do not have to talk to them. I don't come to their house and they don't come to mine."

I ask one last question: "How about you husband? How are your children?" "Oh, my husband, he does not care. As long he comes home to food on the table and a roof over his head, he is OK. We haven't talked for a while. He always complains that I nag him too much. He is so selfish. He does not want to hear my problems. Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother to be married to a cold-hearted man! My children, they are just running around as an ungrateful bunch and wouldn't care how unhappy I am."

I invited her for a walk to talk. I explained to her that she had much negative energy bottled up inside and no Feng Shui remedy could help her unless she cleared all her negative energy first. I mentioned she distrusted her clients so much that she inadvertently sent out her intention to the universe that she does not want to have anything to do with her clients and wants no business from them. She built a wall so thick that no one could enter including invisible luck!

My advice to her was to empty her shell so that goodness could enter. I mentioned to her that the universe was blind and could only hear and feel energy. When energy is full of hate, and resentment, the universe can not enter with good energy and it delivers what you give out. It is one or the other.

Common sense says, being a Real Estate Agent, your clients are your boss. When you see your boss with negative vibes of distrust, and dislike, your boss can sense and feel the negativity, so how can you expect employment? How can they do business with anyone who thinks they are liars and cheaters? People do not want to associate with negative people even if they themselves are negative.

I explained to her that Feng Shui is one third of luck. We are born with three kinds of luck: Heavenly Luck (You were born lucky), Man Luck (You work very hard to achieve your goals), and Feng Shui Luck (apply Feng Shui correctly to create a right opportunity at the right time). The last two: Man Luck and Feng Shui Luck must work together to be able to enhance your Heavenly Luck.

I advised her to take a full week retreat and let go of all her negative energy to start fresh, learn to let go, trust people and seek superior guidance. I told her about the Buddhist philosophy: "No attachments. Be free. Be mindful. Enjoy the present time and let the Feng Shui forces enter and manifest all goodness."

When you clear inner obstructions, your outside world changes.

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