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Did you know that the first Feng Shui master, Master Yang Yun Sung, also known as “Yang save the poor” said that Feng Shui was designed to help people first, money second. That is the most important goal to any ethical Feng Shui Master.

A Feng Shui Master always looks at four things when providing a consultation:

  1. Building: the floor plan to determine the Lo Shu square for right location of certain areas for application: wealth, health, etc.
  2. Environment: interior and exterior analysis to see if there is any obstruction, any negative influence, poison arrows, etc.)
  3. Time: the date the dwelling was built, to determine the time period, also known as flying star. Feb 4th, 2004, we are entering period 8, which would change everything that you may have already done!
  4. People: birth dates of all occupants to determine the Trigram for their best directions.
People (kua) and timing (flying star) are extremely important to do an accurate analysis. A house may be very good for you this year but may be bad for you next year, and a house may be suitable for one person but not for another. A Feng Shui Master must physically be at the building to do an exact calculation by using the Lo Pan, also known as a Chinese compass. A few degrees of variation can make the difference between a good house and a “bad energy” house.

Feng Shui is about creating a peaceful, harmonious balance with your environment to produce vibrant energy. Feng Shui should be so subtle that it blends in with your personal taste.

For a personal Feng Shui Consultation, please contact Gwen Coronado at
(858) 456-9443 or gwen@FengShuiSanDiego.com

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For additional information, please call (858) 456-9443 or email us at: gwen@FengShuiSanDiego.com

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