Feng Shui Mentors in San Diego Real Estate

Did you know that the first quarter of the year we worked for the IRS?

Now that the income tax deadline is behind us, and the IRS has received their share of our wealth in tax money, let's talk about the teamwork of mentors.

Michael and Gwen Coronado at a San Diego Board of Realtors Event
Michael and Gwen Coronado at a San Diego Board of Realtors Event.

The housing market continues to cool, mortgage rates are still climbing, and it seems like the era of cheap money may be nearing its end.

In today's economy, seeking advice from a licensed real estate professional and consulting with a feng shui practitioner are no longer an option but mandatory!

The mentorship of a real estate professional will guide you through the process of buying or selling a home, and most importantly will handle the contract on your behalf.

The real estate professional is paid to take on the stress of the day to day real estate process to make things happen on behalf of the buyers and sellers.

The feng shui practitioner, also a mentor, can bring balance and harmony in the buying and selling process.

Real estate is an earth based business and a feng shui practitioner understands the harmonies of yin and yang, as well as the imbalances brought about by element shortages or excesses.

In feng shui, homes are categorized into east and west groups.

People also are categorized into east and west group people.

The east group benefits from east group directions.

The west group benefits from west group directions.

So what happens when an east group buyer visits a west group home?

A feng shui practitioner can help to improve the feng shui of the property by looking at the flying star natal chart of the property as well as the annual and monthly charts. Those charts provide important information mapping each area of your home.

Ever come to a most gorgeous home and yet, you don't want to stay? Or a home that is priced right, yet, it's on the market for a long period of time? From a feng shui perspective, perhaps the home is afflicted, which indirectly "chases" the potential buyer away. In this case a feng shui cure to minimize that affliction is greatly needed to welcome a potential home buyer.

What about the superstitious buyer? A feng shui practitioner can help calm the confusion of superstitious concerns such as the front door must always face east, or adding the house numbers to arrive at a single digit to determine the luck of the home. This misunderstanding has quietly stifled many transactions ..

We welcome your emails for any suggestions and of course, we'd love to be your mentors. Happy Spring season!

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