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Just recently, The San Diego Union Tribune published a front page article about Congressman Randy (Duke) Cunningham and his Rancho Santa Fe home. He is being sued by the U.S. Government, "Please take notice, that a civil lawsuit is now pending in the United States District Court.which involves title to (Cunningham's house).The general object of the lawsuit is to forfeit to the United States the defendant's property.". Cont...

When Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham talked to Gwen Coronado in 1994, he should have asked for a Feng Shui consultation.

When Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham talked to Gwen Coronado in 1994, he should have asked for a Feng Shui consultation.

Interestingly enough, Cunningham bought the Rancho Santa Fe property in 2003 from a former executive with Peregrine Systems, Douglas Powanda. Powanda is awaiting trial on fraud charges for his alleged role in an accounting fraud conspiracy at the business software development company. It is odd that Cunningham and Powanda, both high profiles, powerful men, occupied the same house and both get indicted by the government on the same charge, fraud, and were served with warrants to enter the property in search of documents.

If you recall in one of my past articles, I wrote about the Burbank police department endorsing feng shui. If someone committed a crime after living in a house with a track record for producing criminal activity, the judge may be more lenient or forgiving, considering whether the person had any control over their environment (perhaps Cunningham's lawyer can use this fact finding to defend Cunningham?). Police officers have confirmed that there are known addresses in their community where they can count on certain houses to produce predicable problems for any occupants who live there. So, if Burbank law enforcement believes that house environments can affect the occupants, why on earth would anyone purchase a home without first investigating the history of the house?

Now, let's talk about flying star feng shui and how the numbers can affect the house and its occupants. In flying star feng shui, numbers represent certain luck; good luck, bad luck. These numbers rotate daily, monthly and yearly. Remember, we live on the earth and we move with the earth, the earth does not move with us. Every year, prudent people have their homes feng shui checked, just like yearly physicals, to make sure their homes are in tune with the universe.

Nonsense, you say? Well, let me put it this way, suppose you are ready to fly to Florida for a vacation, and the weather forecast predicts there will be a huge storm, would you go? Or in Hawaii, the weather forecast predicts there will be a huge volcano, would you go? Could it be true? Nevertheless, it would be best for you to avoid those areas temporarily.

The same goes with flying star feng shui, when certain areas are afflicted, you just have to believe and avoid them temporarily. If flying star number 3 (representing illness) moves into your bedroom, you do not want to spend unnecessary time in the bedroom without applying feng shui remedies. If flying star number 5 (misfortune & law suits) moves into your office location, surely one would want to consider alternatives when executing contracts in that office space.

Now back to Congressman Cunningham's house. Could he have avoided all the headaches he incurred having a feng shui master analyze his house prior to moving in? Feng Shui may not alter your fate, but it can enhance your good fortune and minimize your bad luck. Feng shui has been around over 6,000 years and has been practiced by royalty (Chinese emperors, empresses, Prince Charles) and the powerful (Chairman Mao, Donald Trump, and Oprah Winfrey). You know what they say about the rich and the famous. They will not do anything unless it can bring them a good result; that's why they are wealthy! They have an open mind so their pockets will remain filled with good luck. Beware when you are practicing feng shui. Find a feng shui master that practices feng shui science, not superstition! In feng shui, if you don't feel good when you are applying feng shui, then it is not good feng shui. May the feng shui forces be with you.

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May the forces of feng shui & kindness change our destiny.

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