Feng Shui Real Estate, Christian Religion and Lopan

These are a few questions from our Coldwell Banker Feng Shui Class in Rancho Bernardo:

Question: Feng Shui you explain is a process, not a spiritual belief; please explain the major differences. I am seeking to understand from a Christian perspective.


Gwen sharing Feng Shui principles with Coldwell Banker Realtors.
Gwen shared Feng Shui principles for Coldwell
Banker Realtors. Feng Shui creates balance and harmony.
Practicing Feng Shui correctly, we eliminate the ego and radiate
friendly, cooperative energy, working with each other instilling good karma.

Answer: Feng Shui is not a spiritual belief. Feng Shui is not a religion or superstition, and we advise enthusiasts not to co-mingle Feng Shui with astrology or numerology. Feng Shui is a natural process of science and nature working together to achieve balance and harmony in the working and living environment. Life in general is a made up of five Elements working together; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. There is a productive cycle, a weakening cycle, and a controlling cycle of these elements. Understanding which cycle to apply in a given window of time makes a difference. An annual Feng Shui tune-up is also good practice which can only be experienced by application.

Question: I was thinking Feng Shui was more like furniture arrangement & energy flow (which is energy). How does Feng Shui work with Christianity? Is there conflict? I wasn’t interested because I thought it was kind of a religious thing like new wave stuff.

Answer: Basic Feng Shui begins with placement of objects of all sorts, including furniture, BUT, moving and placing objects can work for you or against you if you do not know whether the energy in a location is positive or negative. This is the reason we practice traditional Feng Shui having to do with “Chi” energy.

Please read answer # 2 above regarding religion. It is not a religion or new wave, and there is no spiritual conflict with science and nature (feng Shui) working in harmony. Feng Shui can be a precursor, just like weather forecast. We will prepare or avoid a storm when we know there will be a storm, and travel to a happy sunny place without weather turbulence. When the seasons change, we must change accordingly.

Question: Where do you get a LoPan?

Answer: LoPan’s are expensive due to their complexity and accuracy. They are generally used by certified practitioners because accuracy is most important for consultation. It took me years to perfect my reading of the LoPan. If you are not intending to be a Feng Shui Practitioner, then a Boy Scout compass will work just fine and it must contain degree increments between the compass directions of north, east south, and west for best accuracy.

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