Feng Shui Goes High-Tech – Facebook becomes
addictive for Feng Shui Master, Gwen Coronado

Email, Internet, Weblogs, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter ... Oh My! The world seems to be spinning technologically faster than one can keep up, and it is “mind boggling.”

I recently became an entry-level Facebook enthusiast, and I am also beginning to see it as a high-tech feng shui Bagua. I say that because Facebook makes all the Bagua connections, via the internet, such as associations with relationships, family, friends, mentors, and helpful people etc. Facebook activity also requires one to maintain balance and harmony in order to activate a fruitful and enjoyable Facebook experience.


Feng Shui High Touch Meets High Tech
Feng Shui High Touch Meets High Tech

Facebook, a social network with more than 200 million active users worldwide, is a site that allows you to create a profile page, and forge online links with friends and acquaintances, including those who work, study and live around you, to people worldwide internationally. Your personal Facebook grows by association as others request to become your friends, and can only do so with your permission. You control the size, depth, and privacy of your own Facebook.

A word to the wise as I caution you strongly; it is addictive, as it can be very entertaining, educational, and rewarding, not to mention captivating, enchanting and can bring about romance too. One can share words and content that is important to them with like minds. Share your photos, get information, plan events, even flirt and gossip to your heart’s content.

I recently attended a 30 year company reunion that was totally organized and managed from start to finish through Facebook. This past weekend I also enjoyed a cup of coffee with a female spiritual friend from another city that I met on Facebook because of her association with others I knew, and we connected as friends.

Most importantly, Facebook, to me, exemplifies freedom of association; the individual right to come together with other individuals and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests. It is through Facebook that I and many others learned about the Bat Nha human rights violations that occurred in Vietnam. In some cases, daily minute by minute activities of political abuse was being reported before national and international media brought it to the attention of the global populace.

Other countries outside of the good ole USA, such as Vietnam and China, are not comfortable with the growth and popularity of Facebook. China has blocked Facebook, including YouTube and Twitter since July, 2009. Vietnam may follow in its footsteps or tighten restrictions by banning political discussions and restricting postings of personal matters. What harm can it do? We should not ban cyber-space demonstrations as they are simply group opinions, like fighting a war without firing a single bullet.

Anyhow; most Facebook users in Vietnam utilize the site to communicate with friends and family, and to expand their social network, sharing photos, internet links and blogs. Facebook is a colossal networking tool, and like anything else, there are two sides to the coin, but ideally, most people enjoy its cordial and friendly application. Welcome to the world of cyber-space, or as feng shui practitioners would say: Welcome to Facebook, a new modern day Pakua!

As always, we welcome your input. Please email us at gwen@fengshuisandiego.com ; this is the same email I use as a Facebook subscriber. Mention you are feng shui enthusiast, and I will be very happy to add you as friends, Facebook friends!

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