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Today is Friday; a full moon day. For centuries, one of the most commonly held superstitions is that the full moon is associated with madness having an effect on the animal and human world.

The full moon has been linked to crime, suicide, mental illness, disasters, accidents, birthrates, fertility, and werewolves among other things. Some people even buy and sell stocks according to phases of the moon. The list is endless… Think about what life would be like without this magical thinking.


Gwen Coronado is being interviewed by Dr. Dang Khoa & Reporter Uyen Tram at the VNTV News Studio, San Diego, California
Gwen Coronado is being interviewed by Dr. Dang Khoa &
Reporter Uyen Tram at the VNTV News Studio, San Diego, California

Some people think that feng shui is a superstition and I will not debate the issue. I know the power of feng shui and I just do it. I will give you a personal example. One of my clients, she is a realtor that had a particular vacant listing that she was unable to sell. It had been on the market for months with very little showings. I gathered all the particular data about the house, location, etc., including having her provide me with exact compass directions of the house for sale. I then provided her with written directions on the time and day to space-clear the property of any energy residing from the previous owners. She was also provided with instructions on how to apply the power of focused intention, and what mental thoughts would be required of her as she privately walked through the property room by room.

Lastly, I instructed her to take a screw from one of the covers of a wall receptacle that could easily be replaced at a later date, place it into a red envelope, and seal it. She was to take the envelope and drop it into an open water way, stream, canal, etc. that would carry the envelope away. Her final instructions were not to disclose her consultation activity in detail otherwise it would nullify the desired manifestation results.

Sound farfetched? Within a week, she had an excited buyer and a happy seller that successfully completed the transaction into a sale, and I was rewarded with a generous testimony. Superstition; who knows! Good luck; bad luck! Who knows! Coincidence; who knows! It worked!

Even people who claim they have no superstitions are likely to do a few things they cannot explain. There are a number of practices that we engage in – no, that we cling to, defend, and teach to others – that amount to these forms of thinking. This is often just fine, no harm done as long as some of these rituals are not stumbling blocks.

Do you have your own private superstition? Here are a few I have come across:

Never looking at the faces on paper bills; if you look at the back of bills instead of the front, you'll attract more money. Put bills in a wallet so the backs are facing forward.

Every time you see a penny on the street, pick it up and carry it with you until something bad happens, then I throw it back to the street.

Whenever you buy something, never take the product that's in the front, Always take one a few products behind.

If there's something that's been picked up and moved to some location it's not supposed to be, don’t buy it. It has bad karma, because it was chosen and then abandoned.

Don't say good luck; say wish you luck.

Never use the phrase - Well, at least it can't get any worse.

If you walk down a street, make sure you know exactly where you’re going. If you missed something that you needed to pick up, walk around the street rather than go straight back or go back another day. Regardless whether we believe it or not, as the saying goes: “It is bad luck when you walk under a ladder.” Personally, I don’t believe it, but why risk it if it were true?

It is a challenging time. A Chinese proverb: “A good horse doesn't go back to the same patch.” Whatever it is, 2008 is history. We are looking forward for 2009 for wealth, health, and happiness for all of us. And may the Lord bless our new President to give him the wisdom of King Solomon to lead our country and others to prosperity and happiness.

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