Feng Shui Forecast for 2011
Year Of The Rabbit

The Chinese New Year of 2011 falls on the February 3, 2011 and this is the 1st day of the lunar calendar…

Feng Shui 2011 update.
Each year, there are 3 afflictions in Feng Shui: the location of the Tai Sui, 5 Yellow and 3 killings. These 3 locations are occupied by killing or harmful chi (energy). Any disturbance within these afflicted sectors will bring bad luck, sickness and loss to the residents of the building. By disturbance we mean vibration of the wall or the floor caused by renovation such as digging, knocking or drilling.


Feng Shui for Pets - Having happy and well-cared pets benefits our well being.

Feng Shui for Pets - Having happy and well-cared pets benefits our well being.

Dogs represent loyal, protective energy. They also teach unconditional love.
Cats are natural healers and also symbolize wealth.
Turtles represent longevity.
Fish represent success.
and a Horse represents Victory and Career advancement.

Important to know where to place our pets accordingly in Feng Shui
directions according to 6,000 year old Lopan (Chinese computer compass)

TAI SUI (Grand Duke) at the EAST 2 in 2011:

Tai Sui is one of the strongest Sha chi (killing chi) of the year. Tai Sui is a fictitious star corresponding to Jupiter.

For the year 2011, Tai Sui is located towards the 2nd one-third of the East corresponding from 82.5° to 97.5°.

Do not disturb this sector.

Do not sit facing the Tai Sui direction.

Sit with the Tai Sui behind you in any business negotiation. By this way you are making the other party confront the Tai Sui which will assist you.

WU WANG (5 Yellow) at the EAST in 2011:

5 Yellow is one of the most deadly afflictions of the year.

5 Yellow is the annual misfortune star.

For the year 2011 the 5 yellow occupies the East sector of any building corresponding from 67.5° to 112.5°.

Do not disturb this sector.

Avoid anything that is red in color or open burning flame in this sector because fire will strengthen the earth energy of 5 yellow.

SAM SART (3 Killings) at the WEST in 2011

3 killings is an annual affliction. When it is disturbed, it will bring injury, back-stabbing and sickness.

For the year 2011, the 3 killings are located towards the West corresponding from 247.5° to 292.5°.

Do not disturb this sector.

Do not sit with the 3 killings behind you.

You should face or confront the 3 killings.

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