Ever Wonder Why You are Always Arguing?

One of my clients incurred thousands of dollars in interior design expenses and complained to me that she and her husband have argued constantly since their home was redecorated.

At their request I made a trip to their home and this is what I discovered:    cont...

Feng Shui Balance of 5 Elements

The Feng Shui Balance of 5 Elements
My husband's desk contains a balance of all the Elements. The gold trim "metal" around the desk. The orange vase represents wealth in a wealth corner; it also serves a purpose to soften the sharp corner. The orange vase also represents "Fire". His favorable color based on his kua number is Green (Wood). So, his desk has green color. The "water" in the flower vase represents "Water". This is a "Yang" area. The live Lavender flowers also create a soothing, calm energy when he works. The green plant near his desk is "wood". The desk color is brown and represents "Earth". Feng Shui is subtle and simple!

Interior Designers usually are not familiar with Feng Shui principles. It is also a great conflict of interest to be both Interior Designers and Feng Shui practitioners. After all, Feng Shui is to bring harmony and less clutter with the philosophy that "less is more".

Most of the time, when you hire Interior Designers, you give them blank checks to go shopping for furniture & accessories. One Interior Designer in La Jolla, CA confirmed that fact with me. She stated that she only provided interior design service to clients who have "economic means" to pay her for services. So, be prepared to pay the Interior Decorator an hourly fee plus commissions they receive from purchasing furniture and accessories.

If you must hire an interior designer, do so, but ask that they only charge you the hourly fee, and work with existing furniture and decorations that you have or purchased; without a buying spree. The same applies if you were to hire a Feng Shui Master. The only tool the Feng Shui Master needs is her/his old fashioned Lo Pan (Chinese compass) to assist you with Feng Shui. Do not allow any Feng Shui Masters or Feng Shui Practitioners to go on a shopping spree purchasing "Feng Shui clutter" for you.

Now, let's talk about the problems that my clients had after their Interior Decorator completed their home-design and why they argued so much.First, The Interior Designer did not know my client's Kua numbers and their favorable colors to plan their color scheme appropriately and correctly. Secondly, she placed wrong items in the wrong place, which unknowingly, began to weaken the relationship. For an example:

Family Life and Harmony
In the east area: Too many metal objects destroy the element of wood. Wood creates "Chi" for growth and expansion.

Solution: If you have the metal objects in the east area: replace them with three wooden items such as carvings, figurines, green plants and/or a water element such as a table top fountain or aquarium.

To strengthen your relationships: Do not place wood items in the southwest area. Wood destroys the Earth element of love.

Solution: In the southwest area: Put anything made of earth materials-terra cotta, clay, porcelain, natural crystals, geodes, stones, minerals, etc.…and items in multiples of two (love birds, doves, ducks, etc.…) Love comes in pairs, single in despair!

The color for love: In the Southwest area, have fire colors such as yellow, gold, white, pink or red. Fire creates earth, great for relationships and romance. May I suggest: candles or light? (Ever heard of the Red Lamp District in Holland? Everything is decorated with Fire Red!) Well, you get the message.

Remember: It is always best if you use the Lopan (Chinese Compass) to determine your best directions since you are unique and so is your home. If you can, always use Flying Star Feng Shui because it is unique to you, your family and your home. After all, Cinderella's shoe only fit Cinderella's foot.

Flying Star Feng Shui, it works wonders.

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