Donald Trump and His Feng Shui Wedding

The name "Donald Trump" is synonymous with New York, money, success, and Feng Shui.

He his well known for practicing and applying successful Feng Shui principles into his business, and being recently married, one would suspect he would extend the same courtesy to his new relationship in marriage to Melania Knauss.    Cont...

Donald Trump and Melania Knauss
Donald Trump & Melania Knauss

Billionaire Donald Trump married European model Melania Knauss in January this year. She has become his third and final (as Trump says) wife to the "Reality TV King."

We wish them well of course, but let's take a brief look at their relationship compatibility in the world of romance and Feng Shui.

As a couple, they stem from opposite Trigrams as east meets west, and therefore may have a challenging relationship ahead of them as Fire and Metal Elements in contrast.

Although they did not marry in the southwest for love, marriage, and relationship luck, did it make a difference? Well, Donald Trump definitely knows his priorities, as they married in Florida, the southeast for prosperity luck.

Furthermore, they also married in January 2005, the month before the Rooster New Year, because 2004 Flying Stars had brought in the number four Star of Love and Romance to the southeast ending in February.

This was a smart move on his part to invite prosperity, love, romance, and relationship luck all in one ceremony; a true knight in shining armor.

Donald John Trump was born in New York on June 14, 1946, and his lovely wife, Melania, was born in Yugoslavia May 6, 1974.

"The Donald," as nicknamed, stems from the East Group Trigram, Kua number 9, and his Element is Fire. His personal favorable colors are Red, Purple, Dark Orange, and Pink. Take notice, if you watch his famous show, "The Apprentice," that he applies his personal favorable colors well to attract prosperity into his life, such as red hair, red, purple, orange, pink and yellow ties, supported with darker bold colors to draw assertive energies to him.

He flies in a Black (Water) and White (Metal) helicopter, enhancing a productive cycle for Networking, Mentors and Helpful People.

Melania is from the West Group Trigram, Kua number 7, and her Element is Metal. Her personal favorable colors are White, Silver, and Gold.

As a prosperous model, she wears lots of attire with the metallic colors and also supports her energy with Earth tones of browns and yellows, and Water colors of black and blue.

Fire (Donald) melts Metal (Melania); did he melt her heart into matrimony or did she use Earth to soften his heart and Water to totally extinguish his flame?

The same Feng Shui principles that this handsome couple uses to attract wealth, success, and romance into their lives can be applied by anyone.

If you are familiar with the show, "The Apprentice," you will notice in the beginning there is teamwork and camaraderie but slowly relationships begin to disintegrate dividing team individuals into humiliation with no compassion for one another, male or female.

Is it stress and competition? No! Quite simply, there are too many "Yang" people working together in one common area creating imbalance of disagreements, quarrels, and arguments.

Relationships, whether working or intimate, must also follow the principle of balance and harmony. As with Donald Trump (Yang) and his two assistants (Yen); one is male George Ross and the other is female Carolyn Kepcher, together they foster a precision team, and a successful show.

One can learn a lot from Donald Trump and his business success. If you have an eye for Feng Shui, you will see it is an attribute to his prosperity. Will he have the same success in his marriage relationship?

We'll see, as this is only the beginning. The 2005 Rooster New Year brought in the number 4 Flying Star this year which brings love and romance to the Center, the heart of all areas of one's life.

To learn how to use Feng Shui to benefit your relationship & your wealth, see our courses page for upcoming classes.

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