Destiny By Name of President Barack Obama
in Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology

I have often advised mothers to choose their baby’s name carefully because the name a person carries throughout their lifetime can have a lot to do with their future and destiny. What one names a child sets a foundation to build upon; likewise, changing a name can also change one’s destiny in mid-stream.

Putting all politics aside, how well do we know our newly elected president, Barack Obama? Well, let’s begin by examining his first name, Barack, which is Arabic, and means “blessing.”

On this election day, we had unexpected rain in San Diego; Feng shui practitioners believe it is a sign of heavenly blessings.
On this election day, we had unexpected rain in San Diego;
Feng shui practitioners believe it is a sign of heavenly blessings.

We must admit he has been a guiding light to his political party, and family. Now he is anxiously waiting to occupy a principal position of global nature. In a largely symbolic role, he has made his influence felt, and his philosophy known to all as he represented his ideals and aspirations.

Tempered by one of the five Chinese elements, Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961. In feng shui, his Kua number is number 3. His Chinese astrological sign is the Ox governed by the Metal element.

Ruled by Metal, Barack Obama is blessed with equilibrium and tenacity which helped him to succeed his way to the presidency to lead our nation forward. He has great endurance and strength of character, which many questioned, but quite simply, he is driven by compulsion to work hard.

In the midst of rumors, doubts, innuendos, and questionable character, he survived his journey reaching his destination to occupy the White House. To better understand him, and why he had to dodge so many bullets while taking the lead, let’s take a deeper look into his attributes.

As a child he was quick and clever developing adeptness at avoiding punishment which served him well by not getting caught. Not getting caught may have proved to be a constant theme in his life, in a sense, avoiding the extinguishment of his light. Being free to shine, to radiate his ideas to those around him was of the utmost importance to him; he could suffer no greater pain than being ignored by those closest to him.

As a younger person, he was restless and active, and going his own way was very important to him. Being strong minded and strong willed he did his best to establish himself in positions in which he was free to speak and do as he wished but too often hot-headed, and somewhat snappish when encountering resistance.

He often sought to exert influence through his physical presence, which could be cloaked in anything from outrageous to highly conservative, depending on what impression he was trying to effect. He learned to master at sizing up his environment and responding to it quickly, as he had a decisive, not impulsive mentality; however, his tendency to think of himself as invulnerable put him in challenging positions.

As time passed, he learned to channel rebelliousness in a more constructive direction and learned to accept the onset of seniority with equanimity and grace; a most challenging lesson for him to learn. He learned acceptance, concentration and awareness.

Today he brings to Washington “street smarts” from his past, with balance and strength that are admirable, and his new experience in Washington will polish his diplomacy which will take him to higher planes of responsibility and accountability since so many people are depending on him.

In conclusion, for the next four years, as the Ox, he will shoulder the plow; sturdily and uncomplainingly he will pursue his objectives with intensity and little hesitation as he is capable of prolonged effort to achieve his goals, unwavering in his determination. He will not be easily swayed or influenced to change course once he has decided to move forward, even by hardships, drawbacks and initial failures because his constancy and perseverance will be greatly enhanced by the Metal element. He may look inflexible and coldly self-reliant but ruled by Metal he can conduct electricity; his strong impulses and generative powers will be felt by all that come in contact with him, thereby bringing about the changes and transformation citizens are expecting.

Whether we supported him or not during the election process, he will be our nation’s president facing many challenges ahead of him plowing through the soil hour after hour laboring unremittingly and without complaint, all which defines his character. Yes, it’s all in a name supported by heavenly luck, man luck and feng shui luck. If newly elected President Obama applies feng shui luck, he should position himself in his best facing directions which are south, southeast, north and east when decisions need to be made. After all, we feng shui masters agree, feng shui did help our new president to win this election for his office was free of clutter, activating mentor support.

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