Clutter & Space Clearing to Enhance Feng Shui

1. CLUTTER CLEARING: Consists of:
    Physical Clearing:
  • To reduce unnecessary cleaningTo increase healthTo reduce undue stressTo reduce congestionTo lose weight
  • To remove all junk
    Mental Clearing:
  • To help organize
  • To eliminate confusion
  • To eliminate procrastination
  • To remove people clutter
    Emotion Clearing:
  • To remove guilt
  • To eliminate shame
  • To eliminate depression
  • To help move forward
  • To create harmony in life
  • To create enjoyment
    Spiritual Clearing:
  • To help focus
  • To remove distraction
  • To free yourself to love
  • To free of hate, envy
  • To empty vessel to receive more blessings
  1. To clear stagnant energy.To clear negative energy left by previous occupants .To cleanse space after illness or death.To speed recovery in illness.To enhance harmony & productivity in the work place.To invite positive energy into your life .To assist you in making a major change (new job, new home, new relationships).To manifest the art of Feng Shui placements.
  2. To increase your vitality & relationship.
3. FENG SHUI APPLICATION: Applying correct personal directions to receive Health, Wealth, Fame, Knowledge, Creativity, Relationship, Career, Family, Helpful People by enhancing 3 lucks:
  1. Heaven Luck (Fate): means somebody is just born lucky (Donald Trump, Lisa Presley). Applying correct karma, you can have heaven luck work for you.

    Man Luck (Hard work): means you can work very hard but yet you cannot get ahead. Don’t work so hard. Stop! Listen to what the universe is telling you what to do: You can change your man luck.

  2. Feng Shui Luck (Harmony& Balance): with feng Shui luck, you can enhance your luck by sitting in the right direction at the right time.

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