Clutter & Space Clearing to Enhance Feng Shui

This vase was designed and handcrafted by a talented artist who was diagnosed with mental illness.

The table was crafted from a tree with the image of Kuan Yin (Mother of compassion) and her children.

Both have been space cleared & blessed prior to usage.

    Clutter Clearing:
  • To clear physical blocks
  • To clear mental blocks
  • To clear emotional blocks
  • To clear spiritual blocks
    Space Clearing:
  • To clear stagnant energy
  • To clear negative energy left by previous occupants
  • To cleanse "unwanted" energy after illness or death
  • To speed recovery in illness
  • To enhance harmony & productivity in the work place
  • To invite positive energy into your life
  • To assist you in making a major change (new job, new home, new relationships)
  • To manifest the art of Feng Shui placements
    Feng Shui Application:
  • Apply Symbolic Feng Shui to prevent bad luck
  • Apply Black Hat Feng Shui to enhance good luck
  • Apply Yin & Yang Feng Shui to enhance intangible chi (energy)
  • Apply Landscape Feng Shui for wealth
  • Apply Compass Feng Shui to change life style (wealth, fame, career, relationship, health, children, family, mentor)

You will learn all the above concepts in a 1-day hands on workshop being held in San Diego, Saturday, September 20th, 2003 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The workshop tuition is $109.89 in US dollars. Check payable to:
6046 Cornerstone Ct #223
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-456-9443

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