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 Harmony is taking time to enjoy your life.
Can Feng Shui Help Busy Executives & Cure Illness?
To serve clients better, I will answer questions, which I’m asked, in the Feng Shui column. All of your questions will be answered in the order that I receive them. Please send your questions to

Q: I am always so busy, so stressed out, can Feng Shui help?

A: America is the only country I know that is over-scheduled: palm pilots, appointment calendars, five year business plans, cell phones, photocopies, fax machines, scanners, email, etc…occupying our time every minute, every day, with things we have to do! Our calendars are booked solid.

Even our children have their own palm pilots. They go to school 5 days a week, then after-school music classes, gymnastic classes, ballet classes, chess classes, sports practice. When do they get to go out and play? Sunday we attend church and sport games! It’s no wonder we are all stressed out!

Here is my solution: Instead of a calendar filled with work appointments, why don’t we invent fun time appointments. Put in your calendar time to have fun, time to spend with your family, and time to spend alone to think. The fun time appointments should be marked in your calendar in red, which means no changes. Top Priority! Remember, a tired mind, and a tired body cannot be a productive person.

Feng Shui can help ease a stressful life. Maintain balance and harmony by applying Black Sect Feng Shui to nine areas of your life: Family, Wealth, Health, Career, Fame, Knowledge, Creativity, etc… For example: when you devote too much time in your Career, but too little in Family, imbalance occurs. Remember, Yin & Yang, everything has to be in balance. When you practice Feng Shui correctly, you will notice your stress level dramatically reduced.

Q: Since I moved into my new home, I’m always sick. Do you think my home is Feng Shui incorrect?

A: When we are sick, the first thing we want to do is go home and get into our own bed. It would be a shock to most of us to discover some of the hidden dangers this wonderfully nurturing room can conceal! Having a bedroom with poor Feng Shui can very quickly become one of the main contributing factors to how illness develops. Our bedroom is vital to our health, but it can harbor many invisible energy imbalances. A quick fix Feng Shui is to look under your bed: remove all items underneath. Clean & remove all dirt, cob webs, etc… The closets: keep them clean. Clothes or accessories that you no longer want, give them away to the charity (tax deductible and a good way to recycle back to the universe). If your situation does not improve, you need a complete Feng Shui Evaluation.

Q: My house was built with so many doors, one facing another. I was told it is bad Feng Shui. Why?

A: Too many doors cause energy leaks that can weaken the bladder and the kidneys. Doors facing one another are viewed as confronting each other, which can also create a lot of adult fighting, and indifference among family members or co-workers.

Q: Is that a reason for my illness?

A: Perhaps one of the reasons, but a Feng Shui analysis should be considered. Don’t forget, Feng Shui can not take the place of traditional medical doctors. Also, negative energy, and a negative environment may be laden with old patterns, negative thoughts and unbalanced vibrations; disease will manifest.

Q: Do I need to believe in God or Buddha for Feng Shui to work?

A: There are more people on the planet that are spiritually bankrupt than financially broke! When you believe in the Supreme Being, you will become a better person, your karma changes, and Feng Shui will work wonders. There is no atheist when the airplane is about to crash.

Q: Can Feng Shui help the economy?

A: The economy and Feng Shui have similarity: They both have cycles: (Economist’s view point) Growth, plateau, recession, depression, then growth, plateau etc… and Feng Shui natural cycles are shown to us by the seasons: spring (birth), summer (growth), autumn (harvest), winter (fallow). Track your cycle and work with it. Like the moon cycle, if you work within the flow of your own prosperity cycle, you’re likely to get better results…Everyone has natural cycles of energy. There is a spring, summer, fall and winter period for us all, and this affects our projects, and our path to success. Everything has a beginning, middle, and everything has an end too. By using Feng Shui natural cycles, we all can benefit from all seasons.

Q: I work so hard but I earn so little whereas I see in the Forbes Magazine that the top 400 don’t work as hard but make so much money. Do you think they practice Feng Shui?

A: Feng Shui can help make your life easier; however, it does not guarantee you the top 400 place in Forbes Magazine. You see, we all have three kinds of luck: Destiny luck (Fate), Man luck (hard work), and Feng Shui luck. Feng Shui luck is applying universal principles to create our own luck (sitting at the right direction at the right time to create a right opportunity). Feng Shui can help a person live a more peaceful and balanced life.

Many well known people and corporations such as Donald Trump, Nike, Re/Max, Century 21, Hyatt Hotel, Morgan Stanley, Qualcomm, and Isabella Fiore give credit to their success by using all three lucks.

Edgar Bronfman said: “To turn $100 into $110 is work. To turn $100 million into $110 million is inevitable.” and Jean Jacques Rousseau said: “Money is the seed of money.”

People are always fascinated by the rich. That is one reason Shakespeare wrote plays about kings, not beggars. Knowing Feng Shui and applying Feng Shui correctly, we also may be as characters of Shakespeare’s plays!

Until next time…May the “Feng Shui forces be with you.”

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