What Does Lt. Ed Skvarna from the
Los Angeles Burbank Police Department Think?

Last month, I was invited to speak at the AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America) convention in Los Angeles.

I shared the floor with my 3 other distinguished colleagues.

My topic was “Feng Shui - Science or Superstition.”


Can your home make you sick? Can Feng Shui help? What does Lt. Ed Skvarna from the LA Burbank Police Dept think?

I spoke about Feng Shui - the 9 areas of life; Health, Fame, Relationships, Mentors, Career, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, and Creativity.

In a room filled with prominent successful financial services professionals, I told them that whether we believe in feng shui or not, if we donít have our health, we have nothing.

Health is the centerpiece of life within the 9 square Bagua (Feng Shui Compass), and the most important, yet, we tend to neglect it the most.

Many of us seem to take care of our homes, and cars, better than we take care of our bodies.

Our health characteristics encompass the mental, physical, and soul make-up of a person.

We can go to a fitness center to work out, but if our mind is in constant turmoil; that would defeat countless times working out.

To conquer the “arguing mind”, we must bring peace to our soul, and nothing should ever disturb our peace of mind. If the problem cannot be solved, then why bother to worry?

The best thing we can do whenever we feel uneasy, like going from wall to wall in a Bermuda Triangle, STOP! Leave everything. Close the door, and take a short walk. When we are away from the “problems”, things begin to unfold itself. It works for me, all of the time.

I was very glad that well known Universities like Stanford, SDSU, UCSD, etc., understood the importance of mind, body, and spirit concepts enough to have invited the Dalai Lama to their campus, and share with the students his “Donít Worry Be Happy” concept.

Last month, my mentor, Thay Thich Nhat Hanh was invited by Google to share with their executives tips to balance their lives. Here is the link

After all, when we are in the sick bed, our co-workers, and colleagues may shower us with attention sending get well cards, prayers, and perhaps may donate a bit of money, but they have their busy lives too, and in a few days or perhaps a few weeks, we are history.

So, friends, take care of your health, especially during the Holidays. Studies have shown that holidays are when the hospitals are busy the most.

Now, a few Feng Shui thoughts: If you and your love ones are constantly sick, stop and think. When did you start to get sick? When did you move to your home? When you moved to your home, did you and your family start to get sick? Then, perhaps you sleep in a wrong direction according to feng shui, or perhaps the house is not suitable according to your kua number (feng shui chart).

Lt. Ed Skvarna from the Burbank Police Department is a firm believer that a house can cause people to do “bad” things, and that Police Department, takes feng shui into consideration. Also a city Judge, (an expert in Japanese martial arts) has stated that he would in fact take feng shui into consideration if it ever came up in court.

A true example: if someone committed a crime, after living in a house possessing a track record for producing criminal activity, he may be more lenient or forgiving, considering whether or not the person had any control over their environment. Sound amazing? Well, the police officers also confirmed that there are “known addresses” in their working community where they can count on certain houses to produce predictable problems for any occupants who live there. Without knowing it, the Police Department has been documenting feng shui case studies.

For those of you who are relatively new to the phenomenon of feng shui, it is in fact possible to make predictions about certain house types being prone to: violence, drug-dealing, robbery, arson, rape, getting hurt by guns or knives, prostitution, and a whole variety of illegal or harmful activities.

The Police officers were also informed and educated about how feng shui can and should be used in the design phase of homes. Feng shui, not only helps create positive, productive work environments for police employees, but also in the most utopian sense, building houses which would INHERENTLY have good feng shui.

Feng Shui can improve the quality of life and potentially reduce the crime rate! Maybe our next President should put feng shui in the national budget?

Happy Holidays, and a last reminder - Please do take care of your Health while searching for Wealth. Peace & Blessings!

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