CEO Women, Valentine's Day, and Romantic Feng Shui

Single, divorced, or living alone, 51% of women in the U.S. are living alone without a spouse according to Sam Roberts - Jan 2007, The New York Times Service.

There are several reasons for this trend; however, let's face it; the western world is yang-oriented consistently favoring masculine over feminine, reason over faith, separation over integration, and spending over saving. Our impatience has given rise to a more independent evolution. Cont...

Feng shui for career, fame, love, and wealth.
Feng shui for career, fame, love, and wealth.

Today, multi-talented women are CEO's of large corporations, and many own their own companies competing well in the male-dominated business world (Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, etc.) Women also have been creeping inch by inch towards the presidency of our great nation since the days of winning the right to vote, and perhaps this accounts for women being on track to control 60 percent of the wealth in the U.S. by the year 2010.

For better or worse, today, women are less dependent on men. In fact, up to this point in our day and age, as of year 2005, married couples became a minority of all American households for the first time. Does this mean we are having a yin and yang culture clash?

Have no fear, opposites do attract, and the romantic month of February, and Valentine's Day will remain intact. In fact if we are willing to take a back seat approach to this long-term but temporary cycle, it will improve relationships and compatibility as these changes need to take place to bring balance into perspective.

Can we build, construct and evolve further? Feng Shui provides the answer. The principle of yin and yang is fundamental to understanding how the world is changing today. Yin, the passive principle, symbolizes femininity and, yang, the active principle, symbolizes masculinity.

Let's begin with the black and white feng shui symbol called the Taiji. This symbol illustrates the eternal action between yin and yang. Like two sides of a coin, yin can never separate from yang. Together they represent the law of nature, perpetual and unceasing change. Time changes, seasons change, chi energy changes, the environment changes and so do people.

Finding balance between opposites is primary to feng shui. As a pendulum swings left to right and vice versa, the principle of yin and yang teaches that our yin will eventually revolve to yang, and thereafter, yin to yang to restore balance.

What do 51% of the women living in the U.S. alone without a spouse have to do with yin, yang, and feng shui? A lot; much of feng shui relies on plain old common sense. The female pendulum has been swinging back from decades of representing its passive nature, and now swinging to the opposite side representing its active nature and until it reaches its peak and back to restore balance.

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