Activating Mentors for Support

Happy Thanksgiving!

This month, it is a good month to reflect, to give thanks to our creators, to mother earth, and to all who support us. We at would like to thank you all for your support through out the years.

Linda Radcliffe from NAMI National Headquarters and Gwen Coronado at NAMI convention in Washington D.C. during the "mentors" (donors) night.

Linda Radcliffe from NAMI National Headquarters and Gwen Coronado at NAMI convention in Washington D.C. during the "mentors" (donors) night.

Traditionally, the Mentor or Helpful people area represents heaven and the bounty bestowed upon a person.

Helpful People results usually come in the form of support, compassion, guidance and love.

We all need mentors. We are not meant to find all the answers ourselves – help of others multiplies the power of one.

By allowing others to mentor, guide, support, and love; the rewards are infinite. Be open and receptive. For an example, when our clients employ us to come into their homes to help them with their Feng Shui needs, they unconsciously welcome us as mentors.

When adding “compassion” to this area, it reminds us of the importance of reciprocity - for helpful people to enter our lives, we must also be helpful and compassionate to others as well. Interdependency is the ultimate goal of this area.

To activate the Mentor area, apply the elements of Metal and Earth.

The following are suggestions for the Mentor area to be activated:

  • A table for placing objects on.
  • A place to sit down.
  • Any accessories that are signs of hospitality; such as a coat closet, place for keys, or umbrella stand, lamp or spotlight; trash can; pictures of people in helping situations, helpful people or mentors, teachers, clients, customers, etc., you’ve had in your life.
  • Artwork of spiritual guides, saints, angels, etc.
  • Quotations, affirmations, or sayings relating to spiritual guidance or compassion work well. Items relating of a spiritual or religious nature can benefit.
  • The simplicity of a telephone and address book, round bowls, metal objects, meaningful objects or tokens of gratitude received from those you have helped.

Negative aspects in Mentor areas include:
  • No room on table tops for personal belongings.
  • Stuffed coat closets, bad lighting.
  • Books or quotations that express a do-it-yourself attitude or theme. (If you think you can do it yourself, mentors will not appear!)
  • Messy entrances.
Remember: the opposite area of Mentors is the Wealth area. They significantly impact each other. Balance and harmony will activate them both.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Should you decide to be mentors to someone, may I suggest my favorite charities: or

the San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital Auxiliary
P.O. BOX 83051, San Diego, CA 92138-8232
Phone: 619-692-8232

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