I received a phone call from my long-time clients, also friends. They told me they were getting older, and had decided that they wanted to sell their home or rent it.

As we talked, I learned that my clients felt that all their children were doing well, owned their own homes, and my clients were now retired and their home was too large for them to take care of.


Gwen Coronado is sharing with her fellow Realtors the benefit of Feng Shui for Relationships; working together to benefit clients.
Gwen Coronado is sharing with her fellow Realtors the benefit of
Feng Shui for Relationships; working together to benefit clients.

So, I advised them to rent their home to supplement their retirement income, and that I would be happy to be their Property Manager to screen tenants, and take over their burden of being landlords.

They had lived in their home for nearly 40 years, and of course, there was plenty of “stuff” that needed to be cleared before the home could be rented.

I told them I could have a crew of professionals available to box items, clean, move, and get the house ready in one week, but they declined. They had preferred to do it themselves.

One week, one month, two months, three months, four months, and five months later, their house was still vacant, as they were not done cleaning and preparing their house to rent.

Finally, I told them that they had lost ten-thousands of dollars in rental income by letting their home sit vacant. From the look on their faces, I saw reluctant longing, so I asked them what could possibly be on their minds.

They told me that this was the home where their children grew up. They had plenty of cherished memories filled with laughter having spent many happy hours together, in their backyard patio, cooking, and eating.

The family room walls echoed with pleasantries of great dinners and birthday parties.

Outside their home, exotic fruit trees had matured, proudly displaying the fruits of their labor.

My clients soon discovered that moving was necessary, but also too emotional.

They had finally vacated their home leaving it behind in pristine condition; ready to move in, equipped with a brand new stainless steel refrigerator, including a nearly new washer and dryer.

I had proceeded to market their property to find them suitable applicants which had resulted in many interested prospective tenants.

This property had kept me very busy as I had been showing it to interested people almost on a daily basis, screening applicants, and preparing rental contracts which had resulted in a high number of qualified prospects.

One by one, seventeen qualified prospective tenants had been called to schedule an appointment for a final walk-through inspection to lease the property.

Mysteriously, one after another, each interested party had changed their mind hours before the final walk-through, no longer desiring to rent my clients’ house.

Strange, I thought. As a Real Estate Broker and Property Manager for nearly 30 years, the longest time a house had ever been vacant was one week.

This activity had become an exhausting mental marathon!

I reassessed their home. Their home was feng shui correct. I also conducted space clearing. The rent was fair.

I called my clients, expressing my concern about this confusing dilemma.

During my consultation, I discovered that the wife had detached herself from her home. She was expecting to supplement her income from the rental; however, her husband was unhappy and emotionally distraught having offered up his home for rent.

He missed his home, his refuge. He felt that without his home, he was a “King” without a castle, and he wanted to move back, often crying and complaining that he felt empty, depressed and useless.

He was unable to detach himself from the past. He could not look forward toward his future. Emotionally he was having difficulty of letting go.

Awww………! I exhaled with happiness. Finally my puzzle was being solved. I had found my answer!

His energy, his attachment to the home that he wanted to come to see daily, had created a situation of prolonging the rental period.

As husband and wife, one had the intent to rent, the other did not.

The husband was subconsciously sabotaging their chances of success to rent their house, and failed to realize that this was costing them money.

The husband and wife were divided between income value and emotional value, and he, being unable to let go of the house, indirectly, subconsciously was sending a message to the prospective tenants that they could not have the home!

He had a deep emotional attachment, and he acknowledged that giving up the home was too painful.

I advised him that it would be helpful if he could say goodbye to the home, in his own way. It’s was also helpful to understand that the emotional value of a home could be separated from the object itself.

What had made this possession so important to him were the memories attached to the house.

What helped my reluctant client was to take pictures of his vacant home. He then noticed it didn’t look anything like the way he saw his home emotionally.

I then had offered him to be a gardener of his own rental home, that way, he could get paid for his time, and could also taken care of his own fruit trees at the same time. He was so relieved and happy with my solution.

Miraculously, the house was rented the following day.

A lesson learned: Letting go of something does prevent subconscious sabotage and clears the path for something new.

Feng Shui is quite helpful. Space clearing is a must, but everything must be working together to have the best results.

If our soul and inner self do not open up to welcome the change and blessings, feng shui alone, simply cannot perform the miracle.

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